About Uncle Norman

Uncle Norman is not always the most popular bloke in the world, which doesn’t not really bother me. If you want to ask a question feel free and UN will try to give yo a straight answer. Not always the answer you might want but it will be honest and to the point if nothing else.

With a wide breath of life experience UN is a man who will take things head on. He does not come second. Often.
So who is Uncle Norman? Here is a potted history for you:
After studying philosophy and politics at a well known university in the East of England, I joined the British Army in 1979. I was commissioned to the Parachute Regiment and went to extoic locations such as the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Aldershot.

I was married but my wife and to daughters were killed by a drunken Spanish lorry driver and consequently I don’t have much time for Spaniards or people who drink drive.

I have been involved with the internet and building websites since the late 80s, so I have seen everyone getting on board the great wide web for sometime.

I currently work as a freelance security consultant which takes me away to more exotic locations. I also do domestic work.

This is my fourth Uncle Norman site and the others have all been well visited. Some of the things I deal with and some of my opinions are not always very popular, but If you want a straight honest answer to a straight question then ask me and I will give it.

If that offends you then fuck off somewhere else or don’t ask!

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