Some holidays are shorter & better than others and so it is only right that some are longer and worse than others.  How come the good ones are short and the crap ones are long.

I apologise for the enforced absence holiday and my inability to communicate with people, alas it was not of my making.

Still that was then this is now as my pal billy says, and I hope to get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks if I can persuade the bank and internet company that I have not died AGAIN.  I went through all of this with them before, bloody hell how many times does a bloke have to die before they will believe you are alive. I will have to ring Mandy in Mumbai and see what the SP is.

Heres another question, how come my PC has started correcting my typos and turning them into German words?

Everyone is well – more or less, although the Ant Hill Mob are less than they were.

I trust all is well with you and yours.

BF sorry to hear about Drew he was top man when I get myself sorted we will mark his passing.


2 Responses to “Holidays”

  1. Joanna Cake says:

    So glad to see you back x

  2. dl says:

    Wasn’t only the bank thought you’d shuffled off the mortal coil, so to speak. Delighted it’s not the case after all. Keep well, UN. Would be good to read some more from you…

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