I recently fulfilled a longstianding obligation to a young lady who visits this site reguarly.

She wrote to me a long time ago from the USA saying her brother was seriously injured whilst on service with the US Army and she was very concerned about him.  I did say I would visit one day if I got the chance and I did finally manage to honour that promise.

The thing about being injured is that to start with it may make the papers and everyone is there for you, but as the days slip by other casualties fill those pages and you slip down the pecking order of importance until you re just some guy being a royal pain the arse holding everyone up.

“Hey fella you got no legs or some gaddamn thing move your arse, we got lives to lead”

“Fuck you ! do you think I would have stopped buying shoes and taken to using this fuckin wheel chair if I still had my legs you numb nut”

To start with there is support and assistance and counselling etc but that only lasts for so long and then you are on your own with of course the various departments of social services to help you.

There are a number of organisations, both in the UK and USA , who do excellent work fund-raising to help support these men and women who have had their lives so irrevocably changed in the the service of their country.

However whilst I applaud these efforts and the assistance they give I have a quaetion to ask.

Why is it necessary?

If you have a contract of employment with your country to fight its wars then in my opinion that country has a contract or duty  of care to support you if you are injured in the execution of its policies.

The care and its financisng should not need to be subsidised by individuals.

I do not wish to insult those people who give so much time and make such an effort to help those who have been injured, I just feel that if you go and do the governments fighting then the least that government can do in return is provide sufficient support and assistance from the moment you hit the deck pumping blood to the moment your suffering ends.  You should not be pushed from pillar to post and fed bullshit and made to fight tooth and nail for the bare minimum of assistance.

It seems to me that things are a bit one sided.

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  1. Bendy Girl says:

    I’ve wondered exactly that myself on many occasions. Mind you, having experienced it first hand, maybe it’s because all that fund raising and support saves injured service personnel from the government’s idea of sufficient support and assistance?

  2. Joanna Cake says:

    Surely members of the armed forces are civil servants in just the same way as MPs? Shouldn’t they be entitled to the same pension arrangements?

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