Personal Tragedy?

I have to say, that even this old cynic was a bit taken aback by how little time it took for a minister of the new government to drop in the shit.

I also laughed like a drain as the excuses were trotted out as they tried to convince us that this was  not just another case of another over paid wealthy MP taking the piss, but a, and I quote here “terrible personal and public tragedy”.

Fuck off is my repsonse to that.

Mr Laws (who is a millionaire) claimed up to £950 a month in expenses for five years to rent rooms in two properties owned by lobbyist James Lundie who just happens to be his “partner”, and I dont mean business partner.

Parliamentary rules since 2006  clearly ban MPs from “leasing accommodation from a partner”.

Mr Laws stated that he did not consider himself be in breach of the rules which define partner as ‘one of a couple… who, although not married to each-other or civil partners, are living together and treat each other as spouses’.  However he also said  “James and I are intensely private people, and we made the decision to keep our relationship private and believed that was our right. Clearly that cannot now remain the case. My motivation throughout has not been to maximise profit but to simply protect our privacy and my wish not to reveal my sexuality.”

OK in the normal run of the mill I would not have a problem with him living with some bloke and wanting to keep it secret, but by his own admission he admits he was living with the bloke as a couple and renting rooms from him at the same time.

How the fuck could he not consider that  to fall inot the scope of the parliamentry rgulations.

The truth is that rather than being deeply private people blah blah the real reason he wanted to keep his relationship secret was because if anyone found out about it he knew he would be be in the shit for claiming these expenses.

I don’t believe him, but lets just say for one moment he did not understand the regulations, but I think it is a bit of worry that somebody with such a poor comprehension of the written English should be Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

What is worse is Lord Ashdown saying that Mr Laws is ” Mr Integrity” and then bleating on to say that “This turns on the question of what is meant by a partnership in the rules for members’ expenses. That is not the public view of what a partnership is… Whether or not this infringed the rules because they infringed the term ‘partnership’ as it is meant in the rules is a matter for the parliamentary commissioner to decide on.”  Well Lord Ashdown let this member of the public leave you in no doubt, that as far as I am concerned Mr Laws is a lying thieving git.  He was shacked up with Mr Lundie and claimed money for renting rooms from him when he should not have done.

He has taken the piss and Lord Ashdown is compounding it by excusing criminal behavoiur.

Oh and by the way I do not consider being caught a personal tragedy, I would call the death of Mr Camerons young son or Mr Borwns new born baby personal tragedy.

May be Paddy pants down should retire as well as he has clearly lost the frigging plot.

4 Responses to “Personal Tragedy?”

  1. jh says:

    Maybe they read your post UN as he has gone but i am not sure there was much choice. yet is see they are still saying he is an “honourable man”, who is a self-made millionaire who didn’t go into politics for financial gain. So why then did he feel the need to make the claim it at all?

    Surely it would have been better just not to have claimed the expenses at all that way he would have kept his private life private. Like you I reckon he was just greedy.

    Nice to see you back

  2. dl says:

    Couldn’t agree more, UN.

    Best wishes,

  3. Sally says:

    Well said!

    Hello, by the way. Hope you are well xx

  4. Joanna Cake says:

    It is extraordinary how they think they can wriggle out of these things.

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