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As regular readers will know I don’t  hold a very high regard for politicans and I am not a fan of Mr Camermoron.  Not of him personally, but just of the fact that he has opposed a lot of things for the last few years but not really come up with too much in the way of policy of his own.

Time will tell, I mean who knows maybe this is the dawn of a whole new brave new political world.

Anyway be that as it may,  I felt it a little unfair the other day when I read an article saying that the government had failed to deal with X problem.

To be fair its a little hard to see how the new cobolition could have done very much about anything in the short space of time they had been in office.  What struck me as odd though was the response from the new minister which was something along the lines of ” The government has been working on this diligently with various agencies blah blah to do blah blah and will continue to do so in the future blah blah”

I think I would have said “Yeah so?  The last goverment did do sweet FA because they were crap and that’s why the British public sort of  gave them the tin tac and elected us”

Alas no such straight forward talking, just media speak.

The thing is, that this only serves to reinforce my jaundiced view, that not only do the politicians stick together, but the country is run hook line and sinker by Civil Servants.  So whats the point of elections if you only change the name of the party but don’t change the government.

The other amazing thing about elections and government is that in a few months time you will not be able to find anyone who voted for the new government.  In France for example every man and his dog hates Sarkozy and nobody admits voting for him, yet in the second round of the election he got over 53% of the vote, that’s about 19 million people.  You would think you could find at least one of them

Mind you,  being in opposition is a lot easier than being in government as the new PM is about to find out.  When you are in opposition you can jaw about everything – a bit like me really – but you dont actually have to do anything.  When you are head honcho you have to do or at east be seen to be doing.  Talk is cheaper than action, but actions speak louder than any words.

Just for the record I don’t have any better idea of how democracy and government could be run, but I do know that I certainly would not want the job of being PM.  In my view the fact that these people want the bloody job in the first place shows they are certifiable loons.

I just do not understand why anyone would want to have that amount of thankless grief and aggravation.  Still at least you missus wouldn’t have to ask “Had a good day at work love” she will know before you get in because it will have been on the news all day.

Barking the lot of them.

5 Responses to “The Government”

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Aren’t psychopathic personalities much more common amongst politicians?

  2. dl says:

    Wise words, as ever.
    Hope you’re well, UN.
    Best wishes,

  3. Uncle says:

    BG – Dont know about psychopathic but certainly bloody devious and dishonest.

    DL – I am really good, but just trying to adjust to the new business regime. Nothing is simple anymore, but then again maybe it never was.

  4. Joanna Cake says:

    Since I first watched Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, I have understood that simple fact. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the policies have already been decided by the civil servants behind the scenes.

    We talk about the lack of democracy in Third World countries and yet…

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