Sunny Sky

I am suddenly  looking up the sky, It is very blue not a cloud in the blazing sunshine.

Bloody hell there are lots of birds up there.

Spinning round I see, I see what, a girl.

My right hand is moving out in front of me

Everything is quiet and still, in fact it is more than that, it is silent.

More birds in the sky I wonder why they came from.

There is a flash of intense white light like a photo flash.

The flowers in the window box are really red, probably geraniums, I cant tell from here.

The old man sitting outside the café has a really brown leathery lined face, we make eye contact.

Dust, there is a lot of dust, I can see the dust around me and the old man is looking at me and is getting up from his chair.

His shoes could do with a bit of a clean.

The ground is hard and parched and there are bright red geranium petals in the dust.

Why would there be geranium petals here, fucked if I know.

 I can feel the sun on my face but it is not hot.

 I see more red petals.

 I can hear hissing.

 I see a mans face maybe thirty years old, his hair is cropped like mine his face is brown and thin but strong and his eyes are brown and serious.

What are all those people doing, what are they looking at? I can see feet and legs

God I feel tired maybe I could just shut my eyes now and drift off.

The man with the face is pulling at me and I know he is speaking but I can quite get what he is saying. He has strong hands

“La Legion”

 He is gone now

I can see my girls faces and Joseph all smiling and happy, I can feel warmth, no actually its not warmth, it’s a mix of extreme heat or is it cold very cold.

Somebody is saying something, is that someone calling me?

Yes they are calling me, I suppose I better say something, don’t want to be rude, but my throat is blocked and my nose clogged, must be getting a cold.

I clear my throat there are no geranium petals, just a froth of bright sticky frothy red.

La legion is holding me and I can feel his hands.

I open my eye and see another group of people just don the road gathered round something on the floor.

La legion is talking

I feel…… I feel what?

I don’t know what,

I feel like I am floating away out to sea on an airbed or something.

It’s very quiet.

Very calm.


I See nothing


There is a voice, somebody calling me.


4 Responses to “Sunny Sky”

  1. dl says:

    Bloody hell, Norm! What’s going on? (For some reason I can’t see the picture you’ve included with your post – maybe that would have provided some clarity?)

    Best wishes,

  2. Uncle says:

    DL- I am restricted in what I can tell you except that I was shot in the chest by somebody. It could have been worse, but I think you will agree it could have been better. Had a few medical complications on the way, but I am now getting back on form. Regards to Sally.

  3. dl says:

    Glad you’re on the up! And I hope you’re being just a bit spoilt during your convalescence. What happened to the other guy? Just deserts already dished out, or is that one for another day?

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