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Catching Up

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

How much decorating is one man supposed to do?

I had not realised that my domestic to do list was so long, but Jeez it is mega plus I have the neices and nephews coming for their holiday and I have a few (loads) of activities planned.

Whilst I was away I thought I would have a few nice leisurely mornings, get on with the Spain story, do a bit of training and just let the damaged bits repair a bit.  Instead I have been getting up at 6am and hobbling about until I get stuck in to the jobs  by 7am.  I manage about half an hour for some grub at noon and knock off at 7.30pm.

Plus I still have bits to deal with and type up on the job we have been dealing with.   I am also catching up on the half dozen blogs I read.  If I dont comment it’s just because I dont want to get side tracked.

The next part of the Spain story will be up in the next day or so and you never know I might get the whole thing finished by Christmas.

Acting the Goat

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I am pleased to say that Joseph has made a good recovery.  Before I left we were out for a walk and after about half an hour stopped at a hole in the wall which is an African shop, often in the middle of no where selling all sorts of stuff from maize flour to god knows what else, but they all stock Coca Cola and more often than not Fanta Orange, so I had a coke the lad had a Fanta.

These places are a bit like a local pub and are a meeting spot for people and there were quite a few people hanging around chewing the cud.

We sat on the ground under the shade of a big tree to have our drink whilst a bad tempered and very smelly goat kept pestering us.  In the end this bad tempered Norm punched the goat on the nose and he buggered off and left us alone.

We chatted about this and that as you do and I commented that it was a hot day and Jospeh looked at me open mouthed and then started to laugh.  He laughed till the tears ran down his face.

“Ok then Gunga Din what’s so bloody funny”



More laughter his eyes open wide and his flashy dentures gleaming in the sun.

“This is Africa, it is always hot”

I could see his point, but I couldn’t see what was so hilarious.

“Why is that so funny?”

“Because it is” he said eventually “Father can I ask you Why do you white people always have to have a reason for everything?”

“How do you mean?”

“Nobody ever seems to be able to understand that some things are because they are and that’s just the way of things. ” He shook his head “They always have to understand more or try to have a reason for something, I don’t understand” He said shaking his little head.

“You all worry too much” he said and nodded in agreement with himself.

I sat there sipping my coke and thought about this and could see his point. I felt a faint warm breeze tickle the back of my neck and I decided to change the conversation

“You seem very much better now”

“Oh yes I am thank you very much.  I was very happy to see you when I woke up, I knew you would come and I was very happy.”

“You gave me a fright there young man”

He frowned “I am sorry I did not mean to frighten you, I was just sick”

“You were more than just sick you were dying” I reminded him

“Yes but it was me that was sick not you, and it would have been me that died not you, so why were you frightened”

“Because… ”

“Because you worry too much, that is why” He gave a big cheerful almost mischievous grin and I felt the breeze on my neck again ” if I die I go to heaven and see God.  Even if you do not believe in God, we must all die sometime, so worrying about it is silly.  It is not a question of if we die but when, why worry about something you cannot change when there are lots of things that you can change” He paused for a brief second and then his eyes opened and he started to laugh and said “Like stopping that old goat behind you eating the collar of your shirt”