The Problem with Blogging

The problem with blogging is that work interferes.

I thought my move to France would see me slipping into those shoulder shrugging Galic way, but alas alors it has not been the case.

I am away again tomorrow for a few days and then back at the start of next week.

In the meantime afew random photos that you may like to see.


” Shut up moaning, you asked for a flatish surface to land on and we found one.  It’s not our poxy fault you didn’t say what  size”


 “Any one fancy a ruby and couple of Cobras”


  Childs play

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  1. Derek says:

    Hi UN,

    Hope all’s well with you. Have been missing your pearls of wisdom for the last little while. Although, if you’ve just moved to another country, I can fully imagine you’re more than a little busy with more important stuff.

    Keep safe!


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