Old Age

I cannot say what I have been up to or I would have to kill you!  Actually that’s bollocks, but the job is no way near over yet and the truth be known I am starting to wonder if it will ever be over.

I have been here there and everywhere and although it is interesting  it is not as exotic as it sounds.  However and it is a very big however, it does pay and in these hard times I am grateful for that and have no right to complain.

I am just knackered and have come to the conclusion that old age is not creeping up on me, but has run past me and slapped me round the head with a kipper.  My arms have become to short for me to read without glasses and I was officially told by my youngest niece that she thought I had a bit of a gut.  She broke it to me gently as children do “Uncle Norman why is your tummy getting like Homer Simpsons?”


3 Responses to “Old Age”

  1. dl says:

    I’ve been cultivating the Homer look for a while now – both belly and hairstyle. The “Homer” is the new “GeorgeClooney”…

    … or so I like to think.

    You can’t fight it!

    Best wishes,

  2. havingmycake says:

    Apparently, Im a sad ugly old woman who has no life and spends all her time on the computer… Hugs UN empathetically x

  3. Uncle says:

    Thanks for those words of support.

    DL- Lets face it Presidents come and presidents go, but Homer hasn’t actually aged or got any more rotund since the day they got their own series. So maybe it’s not so bad.

    J – Old! Ugly! WTF is this person a Welsh Rugby referee ikn need of optical correction. The bits I have seen of you so highly unwrinkled and very strokeable. SHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRWING. Can’t comment about the computer bit.

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