Spain 4

HTML clipboardThe next day as arranged I went to see the client at her hotel with a view to examining her husbands laptop.  Why does that sound so gay?  Anyway, Mrs Willis was staying at the Victoria Park Plaza, which is a very swish modern hotel not far from Victoria Station.  It confirmed, if it needed confirming that is, my suspicion that she had  sense of style and lived rather well and was rather used to doing so.

I asked for her at reception and was directed to her room, which turned out to be a one bedroom apartment rather than your run of the mill hotel room.  I have to say the expensive hotel thing is  bit of a mystery to me as generally you only need a bed, TV and bathroom.  We use a well known budget chain and they do us very well.  Every now and again I splash out or if I am flying I like to stay right by the airport and they tent to be expensive, but by in large when you are staying at hotels all you need in the way if facilities  is somewhere to get some grub and a drink and as for your room, well, all you do is get your kit off, maybe watch a bit of TV, kip shower and clear off.  I mean how often do you use the spa or gym facilities?  The bar yes, the sauna rarely.  You get my drift.  Mrs Willis clearly did not share my Yorkshiremans view on hotel accommodation, but I must admit the room did have style and was a pleasant place to do business.

I had decided yesterday not to go into all the exact details of her husband’s disappearance over lunch as I wanted to get these in a less public environment where I could concentrate better.

There was nothing startling in what she told me.  They had been at home all day, eaten about 7.30 a bottle of vino and then relaxed.  She did repeat the point she had made that he had been a bit preoccupied for a couple of days, but on this evening he seemed more his old self.  She had then gone up to bed to read and he had stayed up watching Sky news and said he would be up in a minute.  When he didn’t come up immediately she assumed he had become engrossed in some programme, so eventually she had gone to sleep.  She woke up the next morning to find he had not come to bed and so she got up to see where he was and found he had gone.  When she went to look round the house etc she found the car had gone as well.  I asked the usual plod like questions and made notes about what he had been wearing, was anything missing, the car etc.  The car was an almost new black Nissan X trail on Spanish plates.

Her next move had been to contact the Spanish Police the embassy or consulate and all that sort of thing.  Shortly afterwards se was contacted by somebody at the Foreign Office who asked her a load of questions and said they would do all they could.  Several weeks later and the husband had not turned up and subsequently either somebody at the FO or embassy gave her my details and she got in touch.

I made a note of his UK, Spanish and French Mobile numbers, we would look at tracking these and I could get Cyclops to pass this information to the police and you never know he might turn up in the car.

As regards bank accounts they had a joint account, but both of them had their own accounts as well.  There had been no unusual transactions on their joint accounts last time she looked, but she did say she had not logged in since she had been in the UK and she had not been able to access his personal account.

It was time to look at the laptop.  Mrs Wallis had already told me she had broadband access from her room should we need it and gave me the access details.

It is interesting how different people set up their machines and organise their files and it can take a while to find even the most billy basic things sometimes.  This machine was very new and very quick and yet again not a cheap bit of kit.  There didn’t really seem to e very much on it.  A few letters to friends and the odd organisation, but not as much crap as I usually find or have on my PC for example.

I trawled through his files, but as I said there was nothing really remarkable there amongst his documents.

Then I looked at his internet history and book marked pages and at last I felt if I was starting to get somewhere.  I say that, but to be honest the things I found may not sound that out of the ordinary, but they did seem to be at odds to what I knew of these people.  Actually by that I mean Mrs W.  The first thing that got me thinking was when I saw the Ryanair and Easyjet sites bookmarked.

“Mrs Willis who did you fly with when you came over”

“Oh British airways almost all the time” which was the response I was expecting

“Do you ever use Ryan Air or Easyjet?”

“No, very very rarely and not if I can possibly help it, in fact, I can tell you we used them once about two years ago when we were going on holiday and it really was not for me”.

“What about Tom?”

“Well he felt the same” she confirmed “And besides he has one of these loyalty point card accounts which he has had for simply ever, because of all the travelling he did with work.”

“Where do you fly from usually?”

“Granada, why?”

“Out of curiosity at the moment”

“We are about 80 Kilometres from the airport, so it is pretty handy”

I carried on looking on the pc, but there was not really a lot on there.

I asked her how long they had had the laptop and she said about six months, maybe a little more.  She did say that neither she nor her husband were very computer literate and really just used it and the internet for the bare bones, ie emailing , booking flights and hire cars, on line banking and buying a few bits from Amazon.  Oh and the Telegraph Crossword of course.  Of course, how silly to forget that important gem.

None the less something did not seem right.  I checked the browser settings and it was set to clear the history after 90 days, but the browser history started a week before Mr W went walkabout. It may well have been that the last lot of 90 days had been just before Tom went walkies.

I noticed though, that there were a lot of sites visited for people who apparently did not use the internet or computer much.  Not all savoury, but not the load of porn you find on most mens computers.  In this case he had looked up escort agencies, sauna/massage parlours both in the UK and Europe

He had also visited the website for the chain of hotels I mentioned we used, which seemed at odds with where I was sitting.

In particular I found that on the night he had disappeared he looked at sites for two hotels in Frankfurt one in Sophia, Brussels, another in  London, Prague and then one in Trieste and another in Venice, which is odd as these last two places are not so far apart as to need to move hotels, besides which Trieste is really one big ship yard and an odd place for a tourist trip if you ask me, if indeed that’s what he was were going on.

I noted the details of the hotels.

I then found a yahoo email account which was odd because Mrs Willis had contacted me from an AOL account.  I quickly confirmed that they both used the same email address and did not know anything about the Yahoo account.

Mrs W came over and stood behind me looking over my shoulder.

“I thought Yahoo was just a search engine thing” she said

I explained it was similar to AOL.  Having already told me she was not computer literate I did not want to bore her with the ins and outs of it.

I called up the yahoo mail log in page.  I wondered what he would use as a user name.  Now people can be very smart in their usernames and pass words, in fact they can be too smart for their own good, but by in large for passwords they like to use the same things such as date of birth, wifes date of birth, kids names address of their last house are just a few of the common ones.  For user names they tend to use their names oddly enough or their names and DOB or part of their DOB or last but by no means least their postcodes

I typed in Toms name to the username and then his date of birth for the password.  Wrong. Then Name and her name as password. Wrong.

“Mrs Willis do you know if your husband has a password he uses a lot “

“Well there is one you could try” she said going a little pink

“Go on”

“I know he uses Willis18600 for Amazon and interflora and his password is Helen38dd” I typed before the significance of the password sunk in.  Instinctively I looked up and at her.  Clear she was expecting this.  She passed her hand down in front of her chest, she gave a cheeky smile and said “All my own work”

The screen changed and the Message Good Morning Tom came up and he apparently had 2 unread messages from the last couple of day, one from a hotmail account and the other from somebody on AOL.

I didn’t open those, but  I did have a look at what was in his inbox and this is where we struck gold. 

He had  15 saved messages almost all confirming flights, hotels and car hire from not long after he disappeared.  In fact one of the first emails I looked at confirmed a flight from Sofia in Bulgaria to Milan with Easy jet for yesterday.  Then just three days ago there was an email confirming car hire starting yesterday for 5 days in Milan.

“Have you found something?” she asked with interest

“I do believe I have” I said “It would seem your husband has gone on a European tour”

“Why would he do that?” she asked

“lets have a look and see what else we can find out shall we”

She gave a slight nod of the head but she didn’t seem overly enthusiastic.

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  1. havingmycake says:

    So, always a good idea to clear your cache each time you use the machine…?

  2. dl says:

    One of our Afghan houseguests was similarly un-clued-up about covering his traces on the Internet. Made for interesting reading. Clearly NOT a good Muslim! But maybe a typical teenage boy nonetheless.

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