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In a recent post I  reproduced an email that had been sent to me.

I have been contacted by a member of the US security services who are investigating this and a number of other related incidents and asked to remove the email.  Two reasons were given a) it was not supposed to be in the public domain and b) There is a chance, albeit highly unlikely that a member of one of the service mens family could come across the post which may cause the family and others further upset.

I would not wish to cause any upset or offence to those concerned and have removed the reproduced email and altered the text accordingly.

I am however concerned about my Uncle Norman Privilege being violated.

DG – That should keep us in the clear see you at 7pm for a pint at The Leaky Civil Servant.

4 Responses to “Post Amendment”

  1. Sally says:

    Never a dull moment, eh?

  2. Uncle says:

    Hi sally. To be honest I thought it was somebody taking the you know what, but no it was genuine. I checked the contact details I had been given and eventually spoke to the authority concerned. They were very pleasant and explained the full situation and implications.

    Apart from people in the field, The National Security Agency NSA operates a number of systems for telephone and internet monitoring. They pick up on keywords in conversations and publications. I didn’t bother ton ask how they found the post because I doubt very much whether they would have told me.

  3. JH says:

    Were they monitoring you, your site or both. Or was it through some other unrelated connection. I told you if you went round bad mouthing politicians it would get you in trouble.

  4. Uncle says:

    JH – Dont know. I suspect they have monitored me which might explain why I got that US tax form thingy a few weeks ago. I can’t say I am too bothered either way.

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