Be Safe – Stay Safe

A recent report by some genius at the home office predicted that crime would increase as the economic situation got worse.  There’s a thing, who’d have thought it.

In the last few days there have been a huge increase in robberies and thefts and especially  car jackings with two people being killed and another seriously injured.  In fact in Manchester alone over the last two days 20 cars have been stolen right from under the owners noses.

Most of these are preventable by the victims if they just jnew how to reduce the opportunity for the thief/murderer.

I have always had regular  requests from individuals and  groups about the possibility of giving self defence classes.  I have done some of this in the past for people and it has gone down very well and I recently did an evening session with a group of ladies in Manchester.  They beat and kicked the crap out of me.  However for a variety of reasons I cannot do that much at the moment, besides which the stuff I would show you is so simple you don’t really need my ugly mug in front of you to learn it.

I have put together a very simple  course which anyone can do.  It should help you avoid getting into trouble in the first place and will give you a good chance of getting out of it should you be unlucky enough to find yourself in a tricky situation.

The techniques are not complicated and do not require hours of practice  (although practice helps) super human strength or muscles in your spit.

I will try to publish a lesson a day for the next week, but I am not promising as I am away from Wednesday next week on a job and wont be back until a few days just before Christmas so time is not on my side, but I think it may be helpful for people.

4 Responses to “Be Safe – Stay Safe”

  1. havingmycake says:

    Looking forward to Lesson One! 🙂

    PS… What other site?

  2. Uncle says:

    Cake – I promise you wont have to do anything involving wrist locks or fancy holds.

    The other HNT.

  3. Sally says:

    The lessons sound great. Looking forward to reading them and picking up some tips!

  4. havingmycake says:

    Im pleased to hear it 🙂 I might not get a chance tomorrow but I shall check for my lesson on Sunday

    I think that might be another leather skirt… x

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