Brand, Ross and the DR CONGO

What the fuck is the matter with Britain and its media?

I ask because the BIG STORY dominating the headlines is of course the row over the prank phone calls by messers Brand and Ross to Mr Sachs.  All very bad taste and probably shouldn’t have been broadcast.  20,000 + people have now complained, but in fact less than 700 complained after the broadcast and the rest seemed have jumped on the Band Wagon havinf read about it.  Even the Prime Minister made a statement and is taking it very seriously.

Good show Gordon!

However the story that should be dominating the news is the situation in Congo.  We were there earlier this year, which will answer DL’s question about my sudden absence.  It was a total humanitarian nightmare then and from the reports I have had in the last 36 hours it is sliding into Hell on Earthl.

Yet not a word from the PM or anyone else about this.  I don’t see 20,000 people being concerned about the pending mass goncide that is happening.

The UN Peace keepers are working to mandate that is just bollocks and are effectively powerless to do anything, which is why “Contractors” are brought in to try to ensure that the aid will get to some of those who need it and not stolen by the warlords.

No doubt the same 20,000 + people who are pissing their pants over a bad taste prank would also be more upset over the photos of dead gorillas that are being poached than those of the boy soldiers killed in action or the massacred babies we found.  I can understand Gorilla Bananas being upset, mind you, but they could be family members or friends.

The truth is the Western Governments  stood back and did fuck all during the Rwandan debacle and I suspect they will do it again, unless of course the yanks want to get their little mits on the diamonds and gold which is in short supply at the moment and Coltan which is used for mobile phones.

A couple of photos to make the point clear.congo_kids_congolese_children_child.jpg


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  1. Sally says:

    You are very right of course….

  2. JH says:

    Norm you are right but we both know that people have a fun idea of whats important or right and wrong. Are you going back there?

  3. Bendy Girl says:

    My ex spent time in Africa doing very similar things to you so I had a little more insight than the ‘norm’.
    I wrote something on my blog recently about poverty and how it is ridiculous for charities to spend so much on raising ‘awareness’ when the real issue is that people are aware, but for a variety of reasons can’t and don’t want to be.
    I think this situation is very similar, but whilst it is to an extent understandable that individuals find it very difficult to confront these realities, the govt and media should be hanging their heads in shame.
    Stay Safe, BG

  4. dl says:

    There are two separate issues coming together here:

    Firstly, we all tend to have a somewhat parochial attitude to world news. We slate the Americans for it, but we’re not a whole lot better ourselves. Most Brits probably don’t know where DR Congo is.

    And the other issue is the obsession with celebrities. The media tend to get blamed for this, but the media are only providing what the consumers want. Evidence for this is the relative sales figures of News of the Screws vs, say, the Observer.

    I must say that it’s a bit of an eye-opener to learn here that “contractors” are being used to ensure aid gets through. Who pays? Surely, the charities involved haven’t got the cash, and any Western Gov’t funding isn’t enough to buy the supplies let alone pay for expensive private protection?

    Thanks for the mention, btw!

    Best wishes, as ever.

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