Traffic 8 – Sams Story

HTML clipboardThe following is a resume of what Sam told me sometime after she was returned to her family.  I have tried as best I can to keep it in her words.

Something’s that she told us are part of ongoing Police investigations and or legal proceedings and so it is not appropriate for me to repeat or make comment about them.  I would hate some little shit of a barrister to use a legal technicality to get one of these fuckers off.

I have changed certain names and places for obvious reasons, the rest I am afraid to say is as I have told it.  I wish it were and Isolated case – it isn’t.

“I was okay at school but not very popular.  Most of the others thought I was a bit of a geek ‘cos my mum  and dad were posh and cos I did well in tests and went riding and stuff.  I wasn’t really an anorak, but they thought it.  Some of them used to give me a hard time but nothing too bad now I think about it, just verbals.

Then one afternoon this lad Gavin who was outside the gates at school waiting for his sister like.  I had seen him around like and he was a bit older than me maybe 16 or 17 and quite posh but he seemed to know a lot of people like.  Anyways this girl Sharon was giving me some verbal and he told her to leave it out.  He was quite fit and I was flattered that he should say summet to her for me.  Sharon shut up well quick and left me alone and he started talking to me.  He was a really nice lad and funny, a bit like Lee Evans just not old like ‘im.

Anyways he asks me to go out with him, well wot actually ‘appened was I saw ‘im a few times after school like and he says about going to McDonalds or summet and so we did and then he said would I go out with him and be his girlfriend like and stuff.  He introduced me to his older mate called Danny.  Then Danny comes up to me and says would I go out with ‘im instead.  I said I couldn’t cos I was already goin out with this other lad, but Danny said it was cool and that he had spoken to him and he had said it was OK and that if I wanted they would share me.  I think now it was daft, but then It was well cool and they were well jealous at school, specially Sharon cos she thought Danny was well horny , specially when he turned up in this random car which was totally awesome. 

After a bit he had some new mobile phones he said his cousin got cos he worked for someone like the carphone ware house or summet like that.  Anyways he gave me one, it was well smart like and much better than the old Nokia mum and dad had given me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  He also had loads of CDs and DVDs and let me have them so I could copy them, but I didn’t have an ipod so he gave me one, it was well smart and he was great.

One saturday he took me to his cousins flat there was a few people there and he gave me some drink – Smirnoff ice or Bacardi Breezers, can’t remember too well now, but I thought this was wicked.  I got a bit drunk and he was kissing me and touching me and then got his hands between my legs and I was feeling well horny and sort of strange like and it went from one thing to another….

I had to be home but he said he had had too much to drink and that I could get a cab or summet, but I wanted to stay with him cos I knew he loved me so we stayed.  We had sex almost all night and in the morning I was really sore and had love bites an I din’t want my mum to see….well you know”

I was feeling a bit sick but he gave me some little pills and then a well smart watch and his Burberry cap.  Funny init I didn’t feel sick no more when he gave me that.  We went to his cousins flat a few times and the same things kept happening and then one night we were getting pissed with his cousin and Gavin was there an some of Dannys mates and a few other girls.  He was feeling my tits and you know touching me down there whilst we was on the settee in front of the others.  I was a bit embarrassed like, but cos the other girls were about the same age aand were doin the same I sort of thought “Why not?” it was OK. 

I got more pissed and then one of the other lads started shagging his girl on the floor.  I had never seen anyone else doin it and maybe cos I was pissed or summet but I felt well horny so I let Danny start goin further in front of everyone like.  Then one of the other girls started blowin her bloke, and well then  Danny got my pants off and said he wanted to do it there on the floor like the others.  I wasn’t keen, but he said he loved me and that he wanted to show them how good I was and how beautiful I was and all that stuff.  I was feelin hornier though and bit sort of out of it and anyways he got my stuff off and did it.  He made me go on top and then Gavin came over and started feelin my tits and kissing me and I was all confused……….”

“A few days later we went to another house (the one we found her in) and there was a party and I had a lot to drink and they gave me some cannabis and some pills.  I was well high and  horny would have shagged a horse.   Danny and I were doing it when Gavin and another lad, Phil the black boy at the house, came in and they started with me and I ended up having sex with all of them.  I was confused like cos I loved Danny and Gavin was sort of my boyfriend, but like I hadn’t really seen much of him for ages and I thought Danny loved me but I thought cos they were well good mates it seemed alright and I thought whatever, it was cool…..I think.

I was getting shit from my mum and Dad and Danny told me that Dad had threatened him, which didn’t seem like my Dad but I knew Danny wouldn’t lie.  Anyways I couldn’t take anymore shit at home and so Danny moved me into his flat for a lot of the time and said I was his girl now.  I felt owned and wanted even if he did let his mates touch me and have sex with me I thought it was alright.  There was this Gavin who is quite posh fella and Phil the black bloke and two other girls bit older than me I fink but one of them left after a day or so and the other went to Birmingham or someplace up North and then another girl came but she only stayed a few days.  She had a big fight with Gavin and Phil and some stuff got broken and she ran off in the middle of the night.  I didn’t see her go cos I was with Danny and pissed but they told me about it the next day.

I was drinkin and doin loads of cannabis and was well chilled, but not heavy stuff  no blow or crack or whatever.  Id di go home but I was getting grief and verbals from my mum and dad cos they didn’t like Danny.  Even though Danny had told them he was looking after me right an all.

 Then one day Danny said he had a big problem.  He owed money to some bloke called Brian who was well ‘ard and the deal he was working on ‘ad not come through yet.  This fella Brian was threatening ‘im and Danny was well shaken up.  I says wot can we do and after some chat Danny says maybe you can ask him or persuade him it will be ok.  I didn’t quite get his drift, but I ended up having sex with this Brian fell  and two of his mates cos they said they wouldn’t hurt Danny.  That was really where it all started going real bad.   Danny was doin loads of good deals and I wanted to help im so I would “look after” some of his mates and friends.  Course wot I didn’t realise was that I was being fucked by everyone now.

Then one day we we was goin out and we went to the house and the old bloke was there with two other girlss same age as me.  He says he had some friends coming round and he needed us to do the biz with em and look after them right.  I looked at Danny and he said “Its OK babe” do as the man said.  There was a party and there were lots of men.  No condoms just a big gang bang.  That was the first time I went home for ages I think.  I was in a right state and my dad went metals like and giving me verbals about what ad happened and I didn’t need his aggravation.  Then he shut up an put me to bed like I was a little kid.

“Next day I gets a call from Danny, he’s well sorry but has a problem and needs to speak to me.  So I goes and see im like and he says “Why you run off like you give me a biog problem with Brian – thats the older blokes name- he was going to cut me and you if he finds you and you talk to anyone.”  I says I ave’nt talked to no-one likes and wouldn’t do that.  Danny took me back to the flat and is really nice to me and we have sex like we used to and he gives me some new clothes and loads of pressies and stuff. 

“Then the police turned up and started asking about a girl called Tina.  We says we don’t know no Tina and then this older copper starts givin Danny a well ard time.  He says “How come the Police in Manchester have given us this address and your name” Danny says “How the fuck should he know” The copper says “Wot you think they pulled an address out of Harry Potter fucking hat or some kind of lucky bag and bingo there just ahppens to be a geezer called Danny living there.  Fucking coincidence” .  “Yeah says Danny fancy that what a coincidence”.  The the copper turns to me and says  who am I and how old I am and all this.  I tell him 13 almost 14, but dont tell him my name.  He takes me into a hall on my own and talks to me and is quite nice.  Bit like my dad but hard.  He asks if I am OK where did I live and all this, but I blank him and tell im I am there with Danny of my own free will and I can go when ever I want.  He said you can come with us now and there wont be any grief, no trouble, I’m sure your mum and dad will be worried about you.  I says they dont give a shit and some stuff and In the end the copper says something like “its your life girly don’t fuck it up or more to the point dont let anyone fuck you up”. 

He knew what was happening, but Danny had told me there was fuck all they could do about it if i said that I was there cos I was 13 and wanted to be and go if I wanted.  It is only now that it seemed odd he should have told me to say that if the police spoke to me.  When the coppers had gone I asked Danny about Tina and he said there had been some girl ages back who had been in the gang but had gone to Manchester to be a model or summet like that and he thought she was called Tina

It was the first time anyone had used the word gang.  I had not thought they were a gang, but I know now that Brian is the head of the gang and Danny and Phil and the others are his soldiers. That night we went back to the house and Brian was there.  He was real nice to me, told me not to worry about the police.  He sadi Danny had told him I had done good and gave me champagne and then took me upstairs.  He said he had bought me new clothes which were well smart.  Then he says he had got me some really sexy undies which he asked me to try on.  They were from Anne summers and were sexy and then he passed me this fur coat and I put it on over the undies.  I had had some cannabis and with the champagne the fur and sexy stuff I was feeling very naughty and Brian was saying loads of nice things about how good I looked and that I Madonna look like an old dog and that he could speak to some friends about being a model maybe and stuff like that.  Danny came up and Brian said would Danny mind if he made love to this beautiful woman.  Nobody had called me a woman before let alone beautiful.  Brian is rich and well dressed and drives a Lexus and to be honest I was really flattered and felt like a film star.  Danny said OK but no liberties.  Brian had sex with me, but was really gentle and nice.  He knew about women.  When I woke up though the undies and clothes were there but the coat had gone.  I think maybe I dreamt that bit.

I dunno….

Things were good for few days and then the drinking and drugs got more heavy and Danny needed more favours and then there was another girl at the flat and house and then another and we was always at the house like.  Phil used to guard the door cos he is a boxer and well ard.  Gavin was out anaabout getting drugs sales organised for rich people and to other dealers.  Danny spoke to Brian about the supplies.  They never talked to me about it, I just heard bits and pieces.   Everyday we would leave the flat and go to the house where we looked after some friends and uncles of Dannys or Gavins.  We had sex with them to help the boys with the deals.  I dont know how many men it was.

Then one day Gavin is well excited and says he has heard of a bloke out near Reading who can sort them with some pieces.  He said the stuff was quite exy but worked and others had bought from these blokes and nobody had been sold a dud.  I don’t know why they took us,  but we went to this place and they left us in the car and went to this sort of shed place near and industrial estate.  They came out looking well happy and carrying a couple of shopping bags.  I dont know what it was about like but they were acting well pleased.

There was some talk of someone who had dissed them. I dont know what that was all about, but I think he owed Danny or Brian some money for summet.  One Day Brian came and told them that they could now take care of this and sort this other bloke out.  They were saying “yeah no problem Brian were on the case and its sorted”.

A few days later Danny went out one afternoon with Phil and they got back about 5 and they were zooming but in a funny kind of way.  They kept watchin sky news and there was some lad who had got shot in Stockwell or Camberwell and they were well interested but didn’t say nothink like.  We didn’t go to the house that night, well not as usual and then I think it was Brian rang and said what the fuck was goin on and so we went.  There were lots of blokes to see.  Danny and Phil got well off their heads.

By now Danny had got me some tablets I had to take every day like and my periods stopped for some reason.  Danny said not to worry and that I could enjoy myself all the time.  Then there was another change of girls cos the others had gone to a house somewhere else and another had “gone to join Tina” and they all laughed.  I laughed, but there was summet that that made me scared.  I thought lots of these girls is goin North like.  I thought about leaving but every time I said about my mum or dad they would get me stuff and tell me how my parents didn’t love me, they hadn’t been lookin for me or tried to get hold of me or any think.  I was too stupid to fink they didn’t have my new mobile number did they and that my one they knew about was under my bed in the flat.  Just before you came I charged it up in secret and there was loads of messages from my mum and dad asking me to ring them.  Hearing their voices made me sad, but if they knew what a slapper I was I knew they wouldn’t love me, how could they, I was a slag, I wasn’t even a ho cos I wasn’t gettin paid.  I just couldn’t ring them I just couldn’t do it.

When you crashed the house I really thought you was coppers at first and then I was well confused and summet was not quite right.  Then I thought you was going to kill me cos I kept feeling that Danny and Phil had done summet really bad like and I was thinkin how I could get away and be safe.  Maybe I could do like them other girls and go up North maybe I could find that Tina and stay with her..

When I got home I was well scared to start with cos I was worried Danny and Phil and that would come and get me, but then when I heard they was inside and not gettin out  I felt better.  Tell the truth I wasn’t so good when I first got back home infact I was well fucked up.  I started weein the bed and getting belly ache and stuff.  I was sick cos I had an infection down there and some problem with my blood and some other stuff.  I   missed a lota school and stuff cos I was sick and cos I couldn’t cope and kept crying and stuff

I have been to the doctors and am sorted sort of and seen somebody to talk to for counselin and am feeling better.  A bit anyways. I know now it was not my fault.  I knew about not going near blokes in vans or strangers and that but none said nothink about groomers being about my age, well maybe a bit older but you know what I mean.  He seemed so nice, they both did, interested in me, I thought they loved me I thought they wanted me cos I was cool, sexy and smart.  I’m just stupid a kid really……. I should have known, but I was stupid to think someone like that would want a kid like me.

I am trying to catch up on my school stuff and have a teacher to myself to help me catch up.  Its hard to think cos stuff comes into you head and it all gets really crowded, but the lady is really nice and she lets me take my time and that’s good.

My mum and dad and the others are magic and have been really good they give me my space but are there if I need them.  Night times worst, its the nightmares, I see faces and hear voices and things.  It is better but will it ever stop?

At school everyones been really good, most of all Sharon, she said she was a bitch to me before cos she said I was given her static which I wasn’t.  Now if anyone is out of order Sharon looks after me.  She was well cut up herself cos her sister had been found dead I don’t know when exactly, but about when  I went off with Danny.  She was somewhere in Manchester and the police said she had been a prossie and was on drugs.  They couldn’t say if it were an overdose or suicide or summet else. 

She was 17.

Her name was Tina.

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  1. JH says:

    was that the girl found in the car park?

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    Thank you for writing this series so well and highlighting many of the issues involved which the mainstream media don’t seem to be too interested in dealing with.
    I hope ‘Sam’ and all the others like her manage to build a new life for themselves eventually.

  3. Uncle says:

    JH – It seems that car parks are a favourite dumping ground. In fact “Tina” was found in a flat in Manchester.

    BG – Sam is doing well now thanks to her own efforts and those of her family, friends and support services, but it does strike me as shutting the door after the horse has bolted. Better to prevent than cure.

    Sally – Sad indeed, they are only kids really and if they are lucky they only loose part of their childhood, if they are unlucky they loose their lives – eventually.
    Regards to DL.

  4. havingmycake says:

    Having my own teenage daughter, I can only thank my lucky stars… I had no idea this sort of thing went on.

  5. dl says:

    Sorry – I read this when you first posted it and thought I had left a comment at the time. But clearly I hadn’t.

    A captivating tale! And how sad that this sort of thing is going on pretty well as a way of life for the large numbers of kids who find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks, for one reason or other. I guess it’s a bit like a black hole for most: no way of escape once you start to get sucked in. Sam was one of the lucky ones: she didn’t so much find her escape route, as it found her.

    Well done!


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