Traffic 7 – Time To Go Home

I was just about to head back upstairs to see Sam and the other girl when two things struck me.  The first was what about Dannys car and the second was where the fuck was Gavin.  Number 2 was answered almost immediately by some raised voices from the front of the house.  It would seem that Gavin thought of himself as a bit of an athlete, so when the gun went off he was off out the front door like and Olympic sprinter.  Unfortunately for Gavin he ran into the Scouse Git.  Now then, Having his hand secured behind his back put Gavin at a bit of a disadvantage and so SG “decked him like” and dragged him back into the house.  It was fortunate for us that SC had covered the front door as he had, but unfortunately, in the process of being “decked”, Gavin had not been as quite as one would have wished, in fact, the truth be told he had apparently been bloody noisy which is just what we didn’t need.  Somebody was bound to ring the real police – or would they?

I shouted to Boris to get Dannys car keys and to give the car a quick turn over to see what he could find.

Upstairs, I thought I had better have a look at the other girl.  She was not in a good way.  She was away with the fairies, drugged out of her head with God knows what and I was unable to make any real sense of what she was on about.  In my humble opinion I reckoned she was just short of an OD.  There is no way we could take her with us, because a) she was a liability b) she needed proper nay urgent medical assistance and last but not least she was not really our problem.  I know that sounds harsh, but that was a fact.  We knew nothing about her and could be creating a whole can of worms for ourselves if we dragged her out of this place.

She was untied and put on the bed in the recovery position.  Benny or Obo I forget which had got the name and addresses of the two punters and checked their drivers licences and after they had got dressed and were off like a couple of middle aged pot bellied whippets.

Back in the front room we got Sam up and released her arms and helped her get dressed.  She didn’t seem drugged, but she was dazed and confused.  The punter was quiet but when I went to release his ankles he started playing up again.  Threatening us with all sorts of violence and unpleasantness.  He was one of these who knew this bloke or that bloke and threw names  at us in an effort to impress us.  Sadly for him he was wasting his breath because they meant nothing to me, but I suppose they were some sort of local hard men of South London Mafia.  Mind you even if I did know them, so what?  He was trussed like a Christmas turkey and they weren’t here.  I asked him how the news that he was really a paedophile would go down in any of the Sarf london boozers he would use and he went rather quiet at that point.  So what to do with him?   A plan came to mind.  Benny and Obo dragged him into the other room and dumped him on the bed with the other girl.

Another couple of minutes had gone by and now it really was time to fuck off pdq.  We all went downstairs with Sam and she was taken straight out and put into the back of one of the vans with Benny.

Boris in the meantime has had a quick shufty through Dannys mean machine.  He had found more drugs and money plus a very convincing looking Uzi.

Time to Go

“Right listen up.  Take most of the money, but leave the guns here except for the uzi. Throw some of the drugs and cash about in both rooms, upset a bit of furniture on your way out. Team1 out to you van and go.  Team 2 one of you get your van round here nice and slowly and park just up the road ready to go.”

“SG whats your view of our mans car”

“What do you mean Boss?”

“What the electrics like”

“Oh well dodgy like, they are always goin up in smoke round my way you know”

“Funnily enough that doesn’t come as a shock. Could you give his a quick once over for me”

“No probs but we best get movin like”

And we did.  Those leaving walked casually from the house and into their respective vehicles.  The first van drove off quite normally and a few seconds later SG had driven off in the other direction and 99.9% of the population would not have given the activity a second thought.  Thirty seconds later everyone else from the team apart from me was in the other van down the road.   Gavin, Danny, the Black lad and the Sarf London Geezer were left secured in the house, the front door wide open.  The other lass crashed out on the bed.  I picked up the uzi and thought about giving a quick burst into the air and then decided against it because strangely enough there was a warm cosy glow radiated from the inside of Danny’s car, looks as if SG was right and the electrics on Danny’s car were dodgy and it had gone on fire.   I dropped the Uzi on the ground by the entrance to the house and slowly walked down the road to meet the other van.

We trundled away towards Bromley, but were passed by a police car and then two armed response units blatting towards where we had come from.

There was still quite a bit for the team to do, but for the moment the most important thing was to reunite Sam with her parents.  I changed out of my overalls and took off the body armour.  My face really hurt and I had a terrible headache, but it would have to wait.

Team1 had dropped Sam along with Dave H not far from Sam’s house a few minutes before I got there.  They were standing there silently in the cold.  I got out of the van and nobody spoke and it drove off quietly and nonchalantly.  Dave nodded but said nothing to me and just walked off.  I took Sam gently by the shoulder and we started to walk towards he home.  The snow had turned back to sleet and it was damp and cold and bloody miserable.

She shuffled along, her head  down her hair hung limply over her face and shoulders.  Her confidence, self respect and childhood was gone.  We turned into her road but about 50 yards or so from her house she stopped.  She stood dead still her head even lower and her shoulders and and head started to shake up and down as she started to cry.  I stood in front of her and took both her hands gently in mine.  She lifted her head up and looked up at me.

Total despair.

Her eyes were red and her make up was all over the place.  She looked like the living dead and at that point I think she probably was the living dead.

“Mister” she gasped between sobs.


“Who are you, what’s gonna happen to me, what am I gonna do, who will ‘ave  me now?” she sniffed

“Who I am is not important, what happens to you now is very much up to you, but as for who’s going to have you and look after you, well that’s easy”

“Who” she sobbed

“Your mum and dad”

“Huh yeah but yea but no no no, they wont want me, not like this”

“How do you know?”

“Well who would”

“They do”

“Yeah but yeah how can you be so sure for real”

“Because that’s why they employed me to find you and get you”

“They paid you?”

“Yes, you didn’t think we were knights in shining armour and just happen to burst in by chance did you?”

She shrugged “Well I didn’t know what to think, I thought you was gonna kill us or sommit or that you were the police”

I put my hand on her shoulder “Come on chicken cheer up, it’s not that bad, nothing ever is, you just can’t see it at the moment, it’ll be alright, I promise”

She looked up and into my eyes.  I held her stare and after what seemed eternity she smiled and wiped her nose on her sleeve and for the first time I could almost see the girl in the photo.  I passed her my hankie and wiped her eyes and got most of the smeared make up off.  It wasn’t great, but it was better, at least now she just looked more like a tired girl than a extra from “Shaun of the Dead”.

“Come on” I said “Lets go its bloody freezing”

We got her gate and I opened it and stood back to let her go first.

“Mister will you come with me please.  I’m well scared, I think I might shit myself”

“You’re fine, your tummy is just a bit upset from shock and fright, we all get it, but you wont shit I promise”

“Oh” she let out a little wail “I don’t know if I can do this”

I held her chin in my hand and looked her in the eyes “I said you’re going to be OK and I will be here to make sure you are”

She looked back and smiled and then slowly and very gently touched my throbbing swollen cheek

“Thank you”

“Your welcome, now then lets do this shall we”

She smiled and nodded.  We walked down the path and I rang the door bell. We stood and waited for what seemed like an age.

“Maybe they aren’t in, maybe they have gone out”

A few seconds later the door was opened by Mum and warm yellow light and the warmth and smell of home flooded the freezing cold door step.  Dad was there in the next instant.

There were no cries of delight or anything like that just the unconditional unquestioning love of two parents for their child.  They wrapped her up in their arms and the miracle of that love turned the living dead back into a little girl.  Actions speak louder than words.

Silently I stepped back and slipped down the path and away into the freezing cold night.

Threes a family, Norms a crowd.

4 Responses to “Traffic 7 – Time To Go Home”

  1. Andy says:

    Great stuff Norman – congratulations, and well worth the wait to hear the ending. Sadly, the chav-scum that you left nicely wrapped up for the boys in blue will probably only get a few months inside after finding a suitably compliant lawyer who’ll bleat on about their “human” rights ..


  2. dl says:

    I can only echo Andy’s comment. Well done!


  3. JH says:

    Boris was a lucky lad.

  4. Uncle says:

    Andy and DL – The fall out from this was very beneficial all round and Mr Plod was very quick to act on the info we supplied. will post an update on this in the next day or so.

    JH – Lucky is not the word. we found out later that he had a two holes in his baby grow. The round must have gone through a fold in the fabric or something. Good job the porker had been on the Atkins diet and shed a few pounds! Are you up for a shindig at Johnny Gurkhas in the near future.

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