I mentioned that I was going on holiday so there is L, myself and the seven nieces and nephews.

We are staying at St Aygulf for the time being which is near Frejus if you know this neck of the woods and so far the weather has been spot on, a little hot for the kids at times, but nothing a dip in the sea cannot cure.

However I had forgotten that holidays were such hard work – walks, beach, snorkelling eating out – christ these kids can eat like there’s no tomorrow.  I thought I would laze about catch up with the blog and score some rays – not that I really need to top  my tan up and just generally chill.

A lie in is out of the question as the boys and girls have had me up at sparrows fart.

There is a coastal path that runs between the gardens of the houses over looking the sea and the sea.  There are loads of little coves and shingle beaches and the kids love getting up first thing in the morning and wandering along.  The sea gently laps at the shingle and rocks and the only noise is that of a few little fishing boats out at sea.  They skim stones, and ponce about on the rocks and inevitably one will get their sandals wet,  much to the hilarity of the the others.  Every day they try their hands at fishing as the sun comes up across the Med.  There is line and hooks all over the bloody place and we have avoided serious injury by the hair off a gnats knacker.

There is a concrete bench near one of the coves where we sit in a line looking out to sea before heading back for breakfast.   It is without doubt the best time of the day, maybe then year.  Sometimes one of the kids will talk about something that might be on their  on their minds sometimes we just sit there in total silence.

This morning were sitting there gazing out to sea and Little Mary the youngest suddenly says to me

“Uncle Norman God must be really really big”

“I suppose so” I said a little taken aback “What made you say that?”

she pointed out to sea at the fiery orange sun on the horizon and said “Well  if thats the son of god and he is really big and bright so his dad must be massif”

This is what holidays are made of.

5 Responses to “Masiff”

  1. dl says:

    Sweet. Glad you’re back, and in one piece from your previous jaunt – wherever that may have been.

  2. havingmycake says:

    Oh, out of the mouths of babes… Sounds like a fabulous holiday.

  3. Sally Lomax says:

    Very funny!

    Reminds me of the story about the giant on the Giant’s Causeway…..

    Enjoy the rest of the hol! We went to Frejus – St. Aygulf in fact I think, a few years back. Lovely….

  4. Oli says:

    Actually I was in Frejus around that time, though a few days earlier than the 12th!

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