The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper has been playing havoc in the last few weeks.

First Harry The Dog.

Then Eve, my mate Billys mum – she was like a second mum to me since I was 8.  She was always there for a chat and a cuppa if I was passing through York.

Yesterday my sister aged 48 from cancer of the Ovaries.  We didn’t see a lot of each other but we understood each other and got on pretty well.

Death is a big part of my life,  but jeez this is taking the piss.

My next posts will be on the merits of undertakers and the best funeral sandwiches.   Actually Eves are in front.  They do a nice sarnie at the Chase Hotel York should you be interested.  Their lemon cake is pretty good as well.

Sadly my sister had moved south so no lemon cake for me, besides which her old man is a bit of tihght wad

Upwards and onwards.

4 Responses to “The Grim Reaper”

  1. dl says:

    Sorry to hear they’re keeling over all around you, UN. Seems like being acquainted with you is a dangerous occupation! Hope that doesn’t extended to cyber-associations.

    Best wishes,

  2. dl says:

    Sorry to hear they’re dropping all around you.

    Seems like it’s a dangerous business, just being acquainted with you. Hope that doesn’t extend to “e-acquaintanceship”…

  3. Uncle says:

    DL – I hope not too!

    Thanks to you and all who have emailed me, I appreciate your thoughts.

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