Traffic 2

I had a job like this before that had almost gone tits up on me, so I knew before I went to Bromley that this was not  going to be a one man job and my meeting with Mr & Mrs B only confirmed this.  Fortunately I had followed my gut feeling on this and had already flagged Cyclops up and had a team together who were on standby.

Shortly after leaving Mr & Mrs B I spoke to Cyclops again and gave him the address for Danny that I was heading to.  He confirmed that the team, vehicles and kit were ready to deploy.  For the purpose of this little job we had hired one small van, two large  vans (Both the vans were white and were the ones with double crew cabs and with the panelled backs and one non descript mid size  car for short term surveillance.

It was the same team we had used in Nigeria for the hostage job last year.   No we did not expect to run into heavy arms fire, but if I was to amble up to Danny’s gaff right this very minute there was a good chance I would encounter fierce amateur resistance from at least one geezer , but probably more.  No doubt these lad would think of themselves as well ‘ard and the scene would be most unpleasant and would be an unnecessary risk and complication.  Far better to go in mob handed knowing as much about your opponents as possible. This way we would gain the maximum advantage from being trained, disciplined, fit, strong, experienced, well equipped dirty fuckers who know that you cannot win every fight.  However the elements of planning and surprise would be our biggest strengths.

A full briefing was arranged for 17.00 at McDonalds in Catford.

Why McDonalds I hear you cry, well who is going to take a second look at a group of likely looking geezers at tea time at a McDonalds in South London?.  Besides which it is warm as is the grub.  Yeah yeah I know there was that geezer who lived on McDonalds for a month and grew a second head or something, but he wouldn’t have been any better off if he tried just eating lettuce for every meal for a month.  I don’t particularly like McDonalds, but I have been so hungry at times in my life that I am thankful for any reasonable meal.  Needs must.

I was on my way to SE6 to have a ganders at the address and to see if I could get a visual on the opposition.  I was lucky and got a cab heading into town and was up near Danny’s address fairly smartish.

Danny’s address turned out to be a low level block of what looked like council flats. There were a few people about but it was not busy busy.   I established that Danny’s flat was on the first floor.  There were two mortice locks and a yale on the front door but the frame didn’t look as if it was braced.  Looking up from the street you could see black sheets or clothes were pinned up at the windows.  The car was parked up in the street.  It was a flash scroates car and spoke volumes about it’s owner.  This was his baby, touch it and he toucha ya face! to quote the bumper stickers that used to abound.

I ambled past the car and started to cross the road.  As I passed the car I gave it a good rock as I did –  WHOOOOWA WHOOOOWA WHOOOOWA –  the alarm screeched into life.  I was across the other side of the road and just looked over my shoulder tres nonchalant like at the car and  carried on walking.  One of the sheets at the flat window was pulled back and a young white man of about 20 looked out into the street.  I could see his bare bony shoulders and he was either having a bad hair day or he was still kipping despite the time of day.  I reckoned that was Danny boy he looked agitated.  Somebody ‘ad touched his wheels like, and he were goin’ to sort ’em

About half a nano second later he was in the street with a thick set black lad with a serious swagger who thought he was the dogs nadgers.  Danny was ready to protect his wheels cos he was ‘ard.  Boy could that black dude swagger.  Another young lad appeared at the window.  He also looked as if he had just been woken up.  I wondered if he might be Gavin but I was distracted when he was joined by a girl.  I didn’t get a good look at her but it was definitely not Sam, but probably about the same age.  The lad pushed her away from the exposed window.

In the meantime Danny had opened the car and reset the alarm and both he and his black mate were going to dislocate their necks looking up and down the street for who was responsible.  They saw me, a fifty year old fairly smartly dressed bloke,  but didn’t see anything to cause them alarm so they relaxed.

“Oi mate did ya see anyone mucking wid ma wheels” He called to me

“No sorry I didn’t,  I think it just went off” I shouted back and carried on walking

“You sure?” called the black lad

“Yes I am sure” and just walked on.

They chatted to each other and looked up and down the street and were happy that they didn’t see anyone in the street they knew or whom fell into the category of posing a threat, but looks can be deceptive.  Our two boyos assumed, wrongly, that there was nobody there who knew them or was looking at them or intended them harm.  Little did they know just hoe wrong they were.   Danny walked back to the flats whilst his black mate swaggered along beside him.  Even without knowing him I knew that Danny was a thug and that the black dude was a hot head and a violent piece of shit.

What a couple of tossers.  I didn’t like either of them and knew that even without discussing it,  my feelings would be shared by the others.

Still, this little exercise had done what I wanted it to.  I had seen who I thought was Danny or at least somebody who would be able to point me in the direction of Danny and Sam.  It also told me that there was a good chance of their being at least four people in the flat when we called and that if we were not careful they would be up for a bundle.  I waited about 15 minutes and then walked  back past the car and neatly dropped down and stuck a tracker underneath the passenger sill before heading off.  This particular tracker is a little more sophisticated than the ones I use when actually following a vehicle and can be monitored from further away.

I rang Cyclops and updated him on what we had.  He said he was monitoring the tracker now.

In an ideal world it is worth watching your prey for as long as you can, but we don’t live in an ideal world and I really had bad vibes about Sam’s safety and having seen the other girls I wondered about the full extent of what was going on with these herberts.  We would keep tabs on the car for the next few hours and when the time was right for us we would pop in for a chat with Danny and hopefully find Sam and remove her and anyone else who needed our assistance.

Of course Sam may not be there, but I was in no doubt that if she wasn’t, the lads would be more than happy to tell us where she was, but I doubted we would be offered a chocolate hobnob or a cuppa.  Still can’t have it all ways can you?

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  1. dl says:

    I’m sure chocolate hobnobs are over-rated anyway.


  2. Theresa111 says:

    Thank for your help. Please stop by “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!” for a visit. Cheers. I am off to the cinema. 🙂

  3. JH says:

    Sorry for the absence here but you know why. Thanks for your help and support. JH

  4. Andy says:

    I’m on tenterhooks – can’t wait for the next installment – hope you give the chav scum hell!

  5. dl says:

    Hi again UN. It’s all gone quiet! Everything OK? (I’m sure it is – you seem to be a born survivor).

    Looking forward to the next bit, whenever it comes…


  6. Uncle says:

    Hello everyone. Sorry for not dealing with the comments so well over the last few months, but things have been mental. I have been away working in the DR Congo which is why I have been a bit slow on keeping the story going.

    DL- I am a confirmed ginger nuts man myself. And no that is not me being in touch with my gay side.

    Theresa _ glad we could have been of service. A fine line between helping and interfering. I am glad to know our girl seems to be OK. Will stop by your site.

    Andy – Nice to see you sticking with us.

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