The Missing Minx

My story about my SIL high;lighted a negative side to the internet and world of blogging.

However I want to tell a little story that I hope counterbalances the negative with the positive

I along with lots of other people have been an avid reader of a bog called the Domestic Minx.

However Ms Minx has not posted since November and a number of people contacted me thinking that I was in fact her real uncle – I am not so lucky and she couldn’t be that unlucky – and to see whether I had any news of her or could track her down.

I did manage to communicate with her by email back in December she sent me a reply saying that she had had a series of unfortunate events that had tipped her world on its axis and as result she had been very ill. She chose to spare any further details.

There was no further news and in fact no posts either. I have now had a dozen or more emails from people who are genuinely very concerned about Madam Minx.

What is quite incredible is that like me none of these people actually know her, but by virtue of her blog and the internet have formed a bond and are really concerned for her welfare.

A number of people have asked me to contact the Minx or her family to check that she is OK and this is where I run into a problem.

I know who The Minx is. I know her real name and the names of her husband and children, where she lives and her telephone number. I would love to know that she is OK, butI cannot contact her because I am not sure this would be an acceptable intrusion into her real life.

Whilst I am very concerned that she is all right, I have no reason to believe that she is in imminent danger or in a situation that cannot be dealt with by her loved ones or others around her. In the extreme if she has died would the family want a total stranger who only knows the Minx because of the internet poking his nose in to their grief. I might be wrong, but I don’t think they would.

Of course there may not be any problem at all she may have just got ragged off with blogging or simply has not got the time. Lets be honest it takes a lot of time doing these entries and sometimes time is scarce.

The issue raised by my story about Dawn was that problems occur where people loose sight of reality and real life and cyber life cross over or become so inextricably intertwind that the definition of reality is lost.

I had dealings with a client who read over 100 blogs every day and wrote a lengthy blog herself every day. Without realising it she abandoned her family and her real life to interact with total strangers. I became involved because her family who lived in the USA became concerned when one of the younger children rang Granny at about midnight his time to say mummy had not fed them all day and that she had been in front of the computer.

The story of the Missing Minx raises another more optimistic issue.

I see a lot of the negative side of people and a lot of my stories do highlight this trait, but in essence I still believe that people are fundamentally good.

Funnily enough this view is not the view of devout Christians and a very religious person recently told me that if I read my bible I would find that people are really bad because of the Devil and a naughty snake in the garden of Eden. The Bible is true and written by God and was never edited by man to suite himself blah blah. The long and the short of it was that they said it just proved that man was a bad arsed dude.

Right oh so perhaps these knowledgeable people would like to explain why total strangers should be concerned about the Minx, or why do people run into burning buildings or jump into flooded rivers to save people they have never met. No doubt they will say it is free will and if I look in the book of genitals 69 they answer will be there.

When I first joined the army my mother gave me a bullet which I carried in my left breast pocket.

I carried that bullet in that pocket for years anfd then one day I was in Beirut when I was ambushed by a groups of Islamic fundamentalists.

It was a fierce set to during which I was hit in the chest by a signed coy of the Koran. I have no doubt that that religious book would have pierced my chest had it not been blocked by that bullet.

I am reliably informed that bullets stop Bibles as well.

Thought I would just add that to keep the balance.

Lastly a serious note. Minx if you read thisĀ  just let me know so I can out a lot peoples minds at rest.

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