Dawn – The conclusion

Gina too was pretty contrite but a little more guarded than her step sister.  It was obvious that Fiona was not happy at what Gina and the BIL had done to Dawn and found it hard to come to terms with their calculated and heartless duping of her in an effort to get her to produce more material.

The BIL was not present.  Apart from his broken fingers and dislocated ankle the two sisters felt it better that he should be excluded.  I haven’t seen much of him since Peterborough and don’t suppose I will have much cause to.  He hasn’t really had much to do with his children since the split which is a shame.  That may change when he gets over his mid life crisis and bucks up.

Jon the sort of ex husband of Fiona was present.  He was there to look after Fiona’s interests and he did just that.  He was firm but fair, but was left in doubt that he had met a superior adversary in Dawn.  He kept quiet about his role in the affair and it was never mentioned that he had paid Gina and the BIL off on the day I saw them in the Peterborough.  I decided to keep quiet as it was worth keeping this bit of black on him up our sleeves just in case we needed it.

An agreement was reached and Dawn was actually given the position of consultant contracts lawyer to Fiona as a way of rationalising the whole sorry saga.

Dawns kids took the news of their parents split with resignation.  It would seem that being the child of divorced couple is the norm now rather than the exception, which is a sad state of affairs.  Affairs gedditt- affairs- divorce- 0h please your selves.

L and Dawn have become very close and have done a lot of girly things together.  In fact L has been down to stay with Dawn and to help with the kids while I was away on a couple of jobs.

All in all a right sorry saga but I still maintain that whilst this internet and blogging thing is OK, but one cannot let it take over your life, if you do, you will loose touch with reality and those around you.  When that happens your life will start to come apart.

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  1. Theresa111 says:

    Please do keep the stories coming.

    I still have heard not a word from our dear Minx. Not since Nov 6th. Could you please check to see if she has recovered? Being so distant I am unable to search for her but would do so were I there.

    Please send me word via email. It is so hard wondering if she is still with us.

    Thank you for your understanding and help. Good-bye, Theresa

  2. Andy says:

    Your job is fascinating; a true mix of genuine danger mixed with the application of human psychology and a large dollop of common sense. Please don’t stop blogging them!

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