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Maybe I am just a middle aged old fart, but I have to be honest and say I just cannot see how people fall in love over the internet. I am even more perplexed by cyber sex. Still, my view doesn’t matter, the fact is there are lots of people from all levels of society who get involved in this. On the face of it they are intelligent normal people, but for some reason this cyber life just takes over and it seems that it becomes more real than real life. If you know anyone like this try telling them that they have a problem and they will just not see it.

Fortunately for Dawn she had pulled out of the cyber life when she suddenly realised she was being set up to be blackmailed.

Maybe it was love or maybe it was her lawyers brain, but she had kept all the emails that had passed between her and “Dee”, plus she had an address in Peterborough where Dee had received things sent by Dawn. Dawn was reluctant to say what things, and I didn’t press her, but I had sneaking suspicion they would cause embarrassment at respectable dinner parties.

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to play this job, so I started by checking the electoral roll for the address in Peterborough and this showed the following people

Alan W
Gina W
Fiona P
Jon P

You will not be surpised to hear that there was nobody called Dee at the address or even in the same street.

I had read all the emails between Dawn and Dee for two reasons. The first was voyeuristic curiosity to try to get some insight into what people get from these internet relationships, and the second was that somewhere Dee will have told a truth or half truth about herself which would help me find out what she was up to.

In several emails, Dee referred to when she had lived and worked at Bangor University in North Wales. She also said that she was the head mistress of a private girls school and that she had had a lesbian relationship with another woman called Fee.

Dawn had told me that the blog that Dee had written was no longer in existence, but a rummage around Google turned up a blog by a woman called Gina living in Peterborough. Bearing in mind we had a Gina registered at the address Dee had received stuff at I decided to take a looksey at Gina’s blog.

She had three kids and was married to a bloke called Alan who it emerged worked in higher education. There were some pictures of the house they apparently lived in and a number of references to having lived in Bangor North Wales before relocating to Peterborough. Well that’s a coincidence if ever I saw one.

There was a load of stuff on this blog about her kids and friends, holidays etc and although well written, it was not exactly earth shattering, but I felt that this Gina was our girl Dee. I read the whole damned blog and there were quite a few photos of people and places. There weren’t many clues as to who the pictures were of but a few of the same woman gave me reason to believe that she was Gina. She was in her early forties and very striking, with very nice teeth. I found another photo which was of Gina at a school fete, but for some reason and as my mouse went over the picture a tag popped up saying “Dee something or other jpg”. What a break. I saved the picture and printed it off. I bet you a tenner to an an once of shit this was our girl?.

I started researching the occupants of the address. It was a long weary process, but then this sort of stuff always is, but as I dug I discovered the following interesting things.

An Alan W used to work at Bangor University and now works at another University in the Eastern Counties.

A Gina W had also worked at Bangor and had been responsible for administration of some research studentship and is mentioned in a book that Alan Walker has written.

In her emails Dee mentioned a number other people by name, but there were four in particular who seemed to be more than just good friends and with whom she had socialised a lot. and in one instance, had a holiday romance with. I have to say that she went into such explicit details that I got a stiff neck just reading about the positions and where they had done what. After a cold shower I pursued the university connection and and blow me down there were people of these names connected to Bangor.

When I went back to the blog I had found that this Gina also mentioned people with the same first names as Dee. It could be a coincidence but I didn’t think so.

And then I found something that caused me concern which was about Fiona and Jon. There is top selling author called Fiona P who until recently was married to a Jon (with no H). However she was supposed to live in Dorset BUT after some more ferreting around, would you Adam and Eve it, she originally came from guess where…Yep Peterborough.

There were quite a few pictures of Fiona P on the net and then I found one which I knew I had seen on GInas blog. I double checked and it was the same photo. Alright it did not prove much, but I was fairly sure there was a connection between Fiona P and Gina. Way to go Sherlock.

I rang Fiona’s Publishers and told them that I was “freelance” and wanted to speak to Fiona about a project I was working on. I was directed to her research assistant Gina W and they gave me her telephone number.

As luck would have it, she was not ex directory and the telephone number came back to the address in Peterborough I had been given by Dawn.

I was even more convinced that Dee and Gina were the same person. What I did not understand was the headmistress bit and how Dee apparently knew Simon the BIL well enough to blackmail Dawn about their relationship. That did not quite fit together and was just too out on a limb.

As I said earlier I was not really sure what was going on here not how I should play it. I had more or less exhausted the desk bound research I could do and I didn’t want to spend ages on this if I could avoid it, so I decided there and then that there was nothing for it I would have to head to Peterborough and have a little look at Gina.

I sorted myself with a room at the holiday Inn which was advertised as 5 minutes from the ton centre and a hire car from the station. The car was an outrageous price and my comments about only wanting to hire it and not buy it fell on deaf ears.

I headed off to Kings Cross and got a train to Peterborough. Instead of getting my car and going to the hotel I got a taxi to Gina’s street and then went by foot to have a look at the place. The house was a sort of Victorian/Georgian Semi on three floors. It was quite big and although homely looking it was slightly shabby and looked as if the owners weren’t quite on top of looking after it. More importantly it was the one that had been in some of the photos on Ginas blog.

It was just before 4pm and a Black Chrysler Voyager pulled up and Gina got out with three kids. She was a fairly attractive woman. Not pretty pretty or skinny, but she had an air of confidence and a certain sexuality that made her look smug. She was well dressed and gave off an air of affluence which did not go with state of the house. I decided almost immediately that I did not like this lady. My gut told me she was clever and dangerous.

I did not want to start a long street street surveillance tonight so I had a rummaged through my kit bag and found a wireless vehicle tracker. I walked towards the car and stopped to tie my shoe lace and quickly popped the tracker underneath the car. That would be it for the day, time to sort the car and hotel. I found a pub and rang for a mini cab which took me back to the station where I got my hire car and then went to the hotel.

A couple of beers and some grub before an early night so that tomorrow I would be ready to see what Gina was all about.

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  1. How exciting!! Looking forward to the next installment as ever …

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