Dawn 5/Hawthorn Again – The weirdness Continues

After my somewhat bizarre night I did not really sleep very well. The bit I could not rationalise was how the “Other” Woman knew the BIL.

Before we parted company I went over a few things and found that Dawn actually had an address for this woman in Peterborough. Apparently Dawn had sent gifts to her. It also transpired that she had seen her on a webcast, although she was very hesitant to admit this and I suspect the web cam thing had been of what you might call an “intimate” nature.

Even so, an address is a very handy starting point.

I headed for home and was pleased to that L was waiting for me, although I must confess to having a mega guilt complex after the night at the hotel.

“I didn’t expect you till tonight” she said whilst kissing my face and neck.

“Oh why was that?” I asked

“Well Dawn rang and said she had a big problem and could she borrow you for the night. I said yes, but she had to promise to get you a good room in an nice hotel and to make sure you had a good meal and plenty to drink”

“Well she did that” I said

“I also told her she had to be gentle with you”


“You know that she is mad in love with you” L said seriously.

“Madly” I corrected

“Mad, madly she is still in love with you” L said unabashed

“How do you know?” I asked

“How, how? Are you blind? Every time she look at you, she is like a puppy”

“Ahh but every time she talks to me she gets my goat” I retorted

L shrugged and smiled ” She is only upset with you because things worked out wrong for her.”

“How can you be so sure” I said more aggressively than I had intended

“I am a woman and I love you and……”

“And what?”

“She told me”

“She what?”

L laughed “Now you are blind and deaf, she told me”

I must have looked shocked.

“She rang me up when you were away and she was really upset and crying. I rang Cynthis and she went down to stay and look after the children and Dawn came here to stay with me. I looked after her we talked”

“How erm..what did errr…”

“Well you always say a curry and a few beers makes the world seem a brighter place, so I took her for a curry and a few beers. Actually it was a lot of beers and she teld me everything” I did not correct her error.

“Oh right I see” I said a little taken aback at the conspiracy.

“She told me all about this woman and her idiot husband and everything and I said “no point having a dog and being the hunter yourself” She beamed back at me “You are going to help her aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah of course if I can” I said

“If you can! of course you can and what are you going to do about her stupid husband?”

What indeed. However I had more pressing buisness with L and it did not concern my BIL.

Later that day I was pottering about and catching up with a few things when my mobile rang and a man with a thick Italian accent introduced himself as being an assistant to the judge examining the investigation into Hawthorns death. I hope you haven’t forgotten Hawthorn.

“Signor, the man dead in your car de Mister Hawthorn you say he was a de Engelesh”

“Yes that’s correct as I understand it”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” I said feeling a little uneasy

“Was he ever from or in Germany?”

“Not as far as I know, why do you ask?”

“Well you see signor Misder Hawthorn he died of a poisoning, but you see de poison was used by de Germans”

“The Germans, what Germans, What poison when, I am sorry I don’t understand, you will need to explain”

The man sighed and spoke more slowly and loudly as one does when trying to get something simple and obvious across to a foreigner. “Our tests show that he seems to have died of a poison de Germans used as de suicide in de war.”

“Oh I see” which I didn’t really

“Signor I am glad you see because I dont” Said the Italian “Why does an old Engelesha man hava de suicide pill of de German when he is Eneglesh and why and dis is de bigga question, why he taka it in your car?”

Why indeed. My little brain was racing to a rather nasty and possibly premature conclusion and consequently my actual response was louder than I intended “Fucked if I know” I said

“Me too signor” He sighed heavily “You know I hate a dis kind a case”

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