Sitting Comfortably

I am very pleased to say that the second medico has done the biz with my arm and buttocks. Actually, that first sentence makes me sound like a member of the Lib Dems.  The point is that I am now able to sit in relative comfort and should be able to crack on with the last part of the Italian story in the next day or so.

On a work front Africa is still providing a lot of employment which maybe good news for arms deals and the like, but it seems as if the whole bloody continent is slipping into war.   To be honest the Kenyan problems are really small fry compared to what is going on in some places.  The humanitarian price is just off the scale.

Maybe I am just getting old or soft, but it is just a total and utter fucking disaster, and the big news in the British media is some stupid Scouse trout calling a teddy Mohammed.

Mind you, the Uk is providing plenty of work with ASBOs and yobs to sort out and all sorts of weird and wonderful little jobs.  Some are interesting and some are just plain daft.

I should be back in full swing next.

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