The Italian Job – No1 When Will I learn?

Every now and then two jobs come up than can sort of be tied together and done at the same time.  This can be hand in saving time and money, that’s the little businessman talking!  However, everytime I do this it goes tits up for one reason or another and every time I come back from a job I say never again.  A bit like drinking really.

Last week was a great example.  Job 1 – Go to Italy collect valuable painting from a house near Rome and take it to the UK.  How difficult can that be.  Job 2 check out a place about 100 miles south of Rome and see if an 85 year old man was there,  and,  if he is make sure he was Ok and maybe try to get him to go back home to Blighty.   Again how hard can that be, what could go wrong.  I get paid to pick up a valuable painting and an old bloke.  Paintings aren’t like kids and dogs, they don’t wander off or get good ideas on you.  Old folks can be a touch difficult as can all people, but I mean what sort of stroke could an old man of 85 pull!

Now then I left on the 20th and I allowed 1 day either end of the trip for travelling, 2 days for the old man and 1 day for the painting plus a day for cock ups  or down time.  Perfect, except that I got back at about 1am this morning ie ten days later.

It has been an interesting and somewhat bizarre ten days, and that’s coming from me.

2 Responses to “The Italian Job – No1 When Will I learn?”

  1. I’m on the edge of my seat again!

  2. Ahhh, the delicious preamble to what I’m going to read next!!

    So glad you’re back, Norman!!!!


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