Kidnapped 11 – Showtime

The words GO GO GO are an adrenalin trigger. The rush is just out of this world. Your senses are heightened and you are in and ready to do the biz.

You are invincible.

Until some bugger shoots you that is.

But until that happens you are.

There were shouts and then a couple of screams and gunfire from the other side of the building and the bang and flash of a grenade.

Boris and I were up and off towards the building. No commands no chat.

we were only a few metres from the door when it burst open big more blokes lurched out carrying weapons. I got my man in the head, but Boris caught the second bloke in the throat. At that range the bolt went straight through him and clattered into the building somewhere. One round from the Glock ended his discomfort. I picked up one AK and removed the mag from the other before kicking into the shadows.

Up to the door.

Quick check left and right and into the building.

The essence is speed and clarity of vision.


JR would know it was a rescue and should follow the instruction. Anyone else who stands up is in play. However this is assuming he is not so badly injured or drugged that he can follow instructions. This can have tragic consequences and you have to be so bloody careful you don’t pop the people you are trying to rescue. There was a sound of clattering to our left which I took to be chairs falling over.

I took right Boris left.

There were another couple of black fellas who had obviously been asleep and woken as it kicked off. A quick burst ended their thoughts of resistance.

“T2 going in”

The other door crashed open

“T1 securing outside”

I could see JR and two other blokes lying on the floor tied to chairs. Should you ever find yourself in the position of being rescued lie on the floor spread eagles with your hands open and your palms visible don’t move and expect to be treated roughly.

Boris and I cleared the room ie made sure there was no bad boys lurking and then moved back into a defensive position between then hostages and the doors. We covered the room enabling BF and Bob to move in as it was them who would deal with the hostages.


It was Bob.


Boris moved forward slightly

“Boss we have three hostages not two” said Bob.

“How is JR?”

“Not so hot. I will take the Belgian and you do number three”

JR was only just compos mentis and was bleeding badly from cuts around his face, and I have to say the other two weren’t pretty either. They had had a right smacking from these fuck heads.

When rleaseing hostages liken this you do have to make sure they have not been booby trapped with grenades. However in this case the captors had been caught with their pants down and this was last thing they expected to happen, so we felt pretty safe. We were still cautious though.

Bf cut the bonds on JRs legs and arms and then leant forward and kissed him on the forehead. I remembered when he had done the same thing to me, when they had come for me in Z. It is impossible to tell you the sense of relief and reassurance that little kiss can give you. It is like when you are a kid and you have hurt yourself and you just want your mum to make it all right again. Now you mums not here so BF is your mother. He always joked with young recruits “I’m your mother now son” and he was, only this time he was dad.

“Hello son, how you doing?”

BF patted him on the cheek and cradled him in his arms just as he had me a few months ago but held him just that bit closer and tighter.

“I’ve been better” croaked JR”

“Best we get you home to mum”

” I knew you’d come for me ” JR croaked

“Its all right son you’ll be OK, I’ll look after you” said BF in reassuring way.

I went to look at the the third bloke could only just open his eyes and was so badly beaten that he was gargling and choking on blood in his throat. He was trying to say something in French but was just incoherent. I got him released and it was only when I picked him up I realised he had a very ample bust and was in fact a woman. Ideally we would have given her a quick once over (if you will excuse the expression) but we were in no position to do any medical checks. Rapid extraction from the area was the name of the game.

“T1 from T2 we have Three hostages not two and all require CASEVAC” – CASEVAC means casualty evacuation.

“All received and understood”

We helped the beaten hostages to get moving. They had been tied up almost constantly and had trouble using their legs. Being whacked about doesn’t help your mobility either. They were dirty and had soiled themselves and had been made to sit in their own shit and piss, plus of course, they had been subject to the amusement of their captors. All in all they were in a pretty bad way but could have been a lot worse.

Suddenly there was gun fire from the other end of the building. Shit and dust blew up around us and we hit the deck PDQ. Boris returned fire.

Where the fuck had they come from?

“GRENADE” It was Boris.

There was a flash and WHURUMPF and thud from the other end of the room which was deafening backed by quick bursts from Boris the Blade. Although there were mega clouds of dust the absence of debris made me realise that he had used a diver recall flash and not a real grenade. The noise was still deafening and the effect on the boneheads shouting at us was achieved because they stopped. Very health and safety conscious is Boris at times. There was aloud Fizzsherwishhhhhh and a smoke canister followed the grenade. The stench of cordite and smoke filled the air. God I love that smell.

Boris gave another short burst and it was time to go. We were up and heading towards the door as fast as we could dragging the hostages with us.

The lads from the OP had broken their cover and were now covering both flanks laying down short bursts of gunfire presumably from weapons reassigned from the captors.

As soon as we were out of the building we were running towards the jetty we laid down bursts of fire at the building and into the impenetrable black of the surrounding forest. We could hear the sound of the RIB.

The casualties along with BF and Bob were into the the bottom of the RIB and it was gone. Benny had it on full throttle.

We were away into the edge of the forest. There was hollering and shouts coming from all over the place and the sound of automatic gunfire. Figures were running towards the building. Time to whizz in a couple of flares into them to keep the bastards on their toes. Actually one geezer stayed on his toes a little too long when really he should have ducked and took one of the flares. I am fairly sure he did not find it and agreeable experience. Then there was the sound of an out board motor starting on the river. The engine accelerated and there was a thunderous KERBOOM as Bobs mix of flares and fuel ended any idea of an aquatic pursuit.

We made our way to the RVP with Scouse Git. There was more shouting and gunfire behind us. Then there was an almighty explosion followed by screams. It would seem somebody had found one of the booby trapped vehicles.

We were with Scouse git in no time and without standing on ceremony he raced down the track at break neck speed. He once told me that he delivered Pizzas in Liverpool to make some extra money and never had a complaint about them being cold. I believe him.

Another flare soared into the sky and there was a flash as other bits of our DIY booby traps went off.

We bounced and bucked at a fierce rate of knots until we reached the place where the VW was. Boris and I got out of the nicked Toyota pick up and into the VW. I raced out of its hiding place and down towards the place where JR had started his captivity. The hostages were hauled out of the rib and into the van. One of them had been sick but it was hard to tell which one. The lads from the OP stayed in the pick up whilst BF and Bob stuck with Benny the Boat.

We dumped all the weapons except the Glock and most of the other kit into the Rib and then Benny, BF and Bob shot off into the dark and along the river. They would dump weapons and kit along the river and burn their combats and boots etc somewhere suitable.

Boris and I drove for about 15 minutes in the VW before pulling over to clean up and change out of our combats and to check on the state of the hostages. They were pretty shell shocked. We need to get them to the hotel and cleaned up as best we could before getting JR to the airport. The Belgian would be handed over to his Consulate as soon as we knew JR and the others were clear of the country. The fly in the ointment was the woman, but I could see no reason why she should not be handed over to the appropriate consulate at the same time when we found out a bit more about her.

We ditched our kit and burnt it on a smouldering wood fire we just happened upon in a seedy part of town. Actually most of the town is seedy but this bit was worse than others.

We got back to the hotel and Scouse git and T1 boys were already back. SG had engaged the receptionist in some wild goose chase looking for a parcel that was due to have been delivered so there was no body at the reception when we walked in. JR had recovered his feet and put a baseball cap on pulled down over his face and could have been just a little the worse for wear. The Belgian was walking in a fashion but not really with it, but the woman was really done in. Boris took the two blokes up to to his room and I got her to mine.

I needed to find out who she was and what she knew but before I did that I needed to get her cleaned up as best I could. I lay her down on the bathroom floor because although cold and hard it would be easier o clean up. Now she was in the light I could see how dirty she was. Off with her clothes and boots and down to her undies. She had the resignation of somebody who had been through the mill. I gave her a fairly thorough examination and although bruised and battered could not find any serious injuries. My concern was that she had been raped which itself is bad enough but this being West Africa there are other long lasting health implications. That was something that would have to wait. I got her out of the rest of her clothes and into the bath. She sat there as the hot water from the shower ran over her.

I sat her up and washed her hair and then soaped the rest of her body. In normal circumstances this would have been dead horny because she was pretty fit woman with a very reasonable set of fun bags. But these were not ordinary circumstances.

I was washing her feet when she spoke to me in French. Jesus I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Who are you and where am I” she asked

” My name is Norman and you are in the XXXX hotel in PH” I replied

she thought for a moment

“How did I get here?” she asked

“We rescued a friend of ours and it would seem you were a hostage as well so we brought you with us”

“What do you want with me?”

“Nothing, I have checked to see if you have any serious injuries which you don’t. I want to get you clean so we can hand you over to your consulate”

“I am French” she confirmed

“How long had you been held there” I asked

She let out a big sigh.

“Only a few days there but I was held in another place for a long time”

“How did you get kidnapped?”

“I am a journalist and photographer. I was to meet a man from a company who I believed might have some information about kidnappings.”

She laughed

“I was travelling with an escort for safety. Somebody crashed in to the side of my car and there was a big thing. All these people shouting and I was going to be late. I was stressed, this was a big scoop and then somebody said they had got me a taxi. I dont know how but I got separated from the escort and got into the taxi. He drove off and then stopped and said he was picking up a friend.”

She laughed “It will never happen to me, hahaha and then these men jumped in and held a gun at my head and he drove me to a warehouse full of cars near the port.” she sighed and washed her breasts and between her legs absentmindedly

“You wouldn’t have been going to meet an American called O’Hara would you”

“No he was called Rogirst, a Belgian, the man the one who was tied up in the shed with me. Did you see him, quiet fat and going bald”

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  1. Oh Norman, this is so brilliant!!!
    I am on the edge of my seat!!
    You are the man. You really are the man.
    Loving it. Keep it coming.

  2. John Humphries says:

    Oh shit!

  3. dl says:

    Looks like poor Mr O’Hara won’t be getting his Christmas bonus.

    You should get a book deal, Norman. Andy McNab’s been pretty successful, and his writing is pretty turgid in comparison.


  4. Uncle says:

    Minx – A man not THE man. Thank you anyway.xx

    JH – Shit indeed. I had a sudden flash of the Iranian siege cock up when one of the hostages had bonded with one of the terrorists.

    Dl – Thank you for the compliment.

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