Kidnapped 10 – Ground Assigned

Benny the boat deployed the advance party by river and they were ground assigned by 03.30 Benny was moored up near to where JR had been snatched. He would stay there until we were ready to move in.

All we had to do was wait.

Eventually I got the call from Cyclops to say the AP and Scouse Git were all in position and we were game on.

I left the hotel with my black sports bag and went to where the VW minivan was parked. It was very hot and raining fucking stair rods again. I did not go straight to the van, but walked past it and checked we it was not under surveillance. I knew I was being over cautious but you cannot be too careful. I waited until Boris came up to the vehicle and opened it and got it started. If the job had been compromised or there was any surveillance this was the time they would leap in. Nothing happened. Boris drove the minibus down the road and pulled up and I got in. A little further on we stopped and picked up BF and skinny Bob.

We drove in silence and having deliberately taken a circuitous route arrived at the RVP at 2000. Scouse Git had already dropped the Toyota pickup further into the forest about 500m from the kidnappers base and would wait there. We pulled off the road past where JR had been snatched. It had stopped raining for the moment and all was dark and the forest reverberated to the sounds of insects and critter. It was very hot and humid and the smell of the swampy forest was almost overpowering.

The vegetation was very thick and it was bloody dark, so the minibus was hidden from the road. If the van had not had the synchro gear box, we would have been well and truly stuffed, because the ground under foot was very soft indeed. it was here that we changed into combats and cammed up. This is dangerous territory, more because of Mother Nature than baddies. There is a whole host of snakes and ‘orrible creepy crawlies all just too willing to nip, bite, sting, poison and generally to do you harm and make your life V uncomfortable. Boots, gloves and some form of head gear are essential. We all had black cotton balaclavas, which although hot and itchy save your face from a thousand and one mozzies and bugs. Actual “Skin so Soft” by Max Factor is a great way to keep midgies at bay if you are on a walk, but as I have already said the perfume is a bit of give away. Lastly we did a very quick signal check with the other units. Radio traffic would be almost non existent. We would confirm when we were in position and then get a quick update from the lads in the OP but that would be it.

We left the van and silently made our way to the RIb and got in. Benny The Boat guided the boat very very slowly almost silently down the river.

Eventually Benny pulled into the bank and we could see that we were on the edge of the village. we were out of the RIB and into a defensive position and then into the cover and darkness of the trees. Benny had gone as soon as were out and anyone watching would have been forgiven for thinking they thought the saw something, but were not quire sure!

We lay in the wet slimy muddy ground and could hear noises of people listening to the radio and watching TV. There were shouts and voices and It would seem we had chosen the night of a big football match to do the biz. I must say sports commentators are the same the world over. Benny was to wait a few metres down the stream for the time being and would move up nearer to the village when it all kicked off

I was paired with Boris and were call sign T2 BF was with Skinny Bob as normal and were T3. Those two have been partners for as long as I can remember. Not gay ,lover type partners you understand, but very effective – you really don’t want to fuck them off partners. I have seen them work and they are like ugly Siamese twins, they just think as one and don’t need to speak to each other. They just know. Their job was to disable the kidnappers boats and to leave a few surprises in the vicinity of the waterfront. You don’t need high explosives to make a bang, just some distress flares or diver recall flashes and some fuel. You will forgive me for not going into too much detail about this. I would hate some kid to blow his dad’s shed up.

We slowly and carefully made our way into position on the left flank and waited for everyone to hit the sack. This takes one sentence to say, but in reality took over an hour to do. If this had been our base we would have booby traps and trip wires all over the friggin place. Fortunately we were not attacking us and we encountered nothing untoward. It was raining again and in one way this helped as it covered any noise but hindered us in so far as we were soaked and very uncomfortable. There is nothing like hot chaffed bollocks to make you appreciate the comforts of home! I notice Rambo or Arnie never get chaffed nuts.

Time to tell them we were ready and for a final signal check

“T1 from T2 signal check.”

“T2 from T3 R5”

“T1 from T3 signal check”

“T3 from T1 R5”

We were all ground assigned and ready to go.

We could see the building and there was a fair bit of activity I would have said that there were 15 bods in all, but it was a bit hard to sat because they kept coming out to piss against the wall of the building. They were all rather loud and boisterous and sounded pissed and it would rather seem the were having a kidnappers get together for a night on the lash while watching the footy.

The night suddenly reverberated to the sound of a dog barking over by the river but it stopped as suddenly there was a slight yelp and it did not bark again.

“Bob never liked barking dogs” whispered Boris.

Dogs are aright pain in the arse.

On our side of the village there was rough track. You wouldn’t want to drive your family car down here but it was fine for a 4×4. We found an ancient Toyota parked up near to where we had seen it when on our pleasure flight, however we also found two fairly new land rovers. All three vehicles were unlocked. A quick modification so the fuel line was leaking and a flare placed underneath would do nicely. We had two types of flare. One is a hand held the other is a a parachute flare which shoots into the sky. To activate a parachute flare you hold it in your hand and pull a sort of plastic loop/handle at the base downwards and that send send the rocket/flare 350m up into the air where it will burn at between 30,000 to 100,000 candles for around 30 to 40 seconds depending on the make. Now imagine that in the confines of a car. It will serious fuck your no claims bonus. I taped one to the steering column of the Toyota with a line attached from the detonation pull mechanism to the door handle. Not complicated I grant you, but anyone opening the drivers door should find it a somewhat illuminating experience. I have always liked fireworks. Sadly I did not intend to hand around and watch tonight’s display. We repeated the operation with the other vehicles.

The football match must have finished and from the yammering and hollering it would seem as if our little friends had had a fair bit to drink and were clearly pretty pissed. There were shouts, jeers and cat calls from the building. This was then followed by laughter. Not happy laughter but cruel, evil, sadistic laughter that sends shudders down your spine and makes your hair stand up. I couldn’t see what was going on but I think we all knew they were having a bit of fun at the hostages expense. Whilst your heart might tell you this is the time to go the head says wait. Why wait? well when they had finished they will not have as much if any fight in them, beside which revenge is a dish best tasted cold. So we waited. Grudgingly!

10 minutes later and things had calmed down again. One bloke left the building armed with an AK47. He looked half pissed and not best pleased at being out in the rain. He slouched towards the river. Someone called to him and he walked out of our view and almost immediately there was a clatter followed by a splash. He was now dead drunk not just a little pissed.

A few minutes later a big fella came out and called a name. No responses. He called again. We could see him shaking his head, and I am sure he was think “where the fuck is that wanker now”.

He called again and getting no reply, he shouted into the building and another unenthusiastic youth came out also armed with an AK47. I could see the big bloke pointing and presumably telling the lad to go and see where the first bloke was. The youngster didn’t want to go out because it was wet and kept shaking his head. I knew where he was coming from on that one. The big fella started shouting and cuffed him about the head. The youngster slouched out truculently. He did a tour of the buildingin what must of been record time and went back in. A few moments later he came out with the big fell who was clearly pissed off and was going to show the young un how it should be done. They walked towards us this time. They reached the track and stopped in the shadows. They didn’t say anything as they hit the floor like two sacks of spuds.

That’s how its done big man.

The crossbow is a sneaky bastard. Almost totally silent and deadly accurate to around 175 m. We moved from our cover and the two of us dragged the big bloke to the nearest cover. Fuck he was a really porker. Boris made sure he was not going to be any more of a problem in this life and then searched him. I got to the young lad who had a look of indignant surprise on his face. The bolt had hit him bang centre in the forehead just above the nose. He would never be able to wear glasses.

3 down 12ish to go.

I moved him to where he would not be seen and relieved him of his AK47 and a spare clip which was full. I was a little shocked to find he had a grenade on his belt. JR had said no pineapples.

I rejoined Boris. He had taken a handgun and two spare mags from the big bloke which transpired to be a Glock. A very nice gun and a particular favourite of mine, very handy. He had no other grenades but he did have a mobile telephone.

Time to make a broadcast to the others

“T1 from T2 we have two kills and a pineapple” I said

The response was quick from Bob ” T3 one kill and a pineapple”

“All units standby” it was Team 1 in the OP

Silence from us and just the drip of the rain from the trees and the croak of the insects.

A door had opened at the front of the building and four men staggered out with weapons at the ready. They were clearly pissed, but anyone with an AK47 needs to be treated with caution and respect. The group split up and started calling out names. After about 5 minutes of wandering around in half hearted manner they gave up and shuffled into the building.

“T1 to all units give it 10 and then move into cover with a view to strike position”

Boris took the AK47 and I had the Glock and we moved closer to the building. The idea was that we would move in slowly and ideally deal with any exterior threats before doing the electricity and going in. What we trying to avoid was a fire fight with superior numbers and firepower. As I said before, our plan was to be slow and effective so that the odds were eventually stacked in our favour.

Boris and I were only about 15m from the side door now. It opened and another bloke staggered out. He called drunkenly to someone – presumably one of the missing colleagues then staggered towards me and Boris opening the flies of his trousers as he did. He was practically on top of us with his old lad out and he started to piss on Boris. You know I said that Boris the blade was not particularly good with a knife, well that doesn’t mean to say he’s bad either.

As the stream of piss landed on Boris he stood up and said “You dirty cunt”, which wasn’t really fair, because the poor bloke didn’t know that Boris was hiding in the undergrowth and that he was pissing on someone who had no taste for water sports. This bloke was not armed at all.

We could hear voices from the river side. Loud drunken voices. Arrogant, aggressive voices. Sometimes you just know when it is all going to kick off.

CONTACT” Bobs voice came over the radio calm and steady.

“GO GO GO” from Team 1


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  2. OH GOD!!!!
    So glad I can go straight to the next installment, Norman!!

    A cracking pace!!!
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