Kidnapped 3 – The Call

The phone rang at about 8pm and when I answered it there was a sort of click and echo indicating a long distance call before a smooth American accent started taking

“Hello is that Uncle Norman?”

“Yes it is”

“Hi my name is O’Hara, and represent XXXX petroleum in N”

“Yes, what can I do for you Mr O’Hara?” I said

“Well sir, I am afraid there has been an incident involving your nephew JR”

“What kind of incident?”

“He has been abducted by insurgents and we believe he is being held hostage somewhere along the river delta”

“What happened?” I asked

“Well sit he was travelling alone at about 5pm local time when he stopped at the scene of an accident near the river. When he got out of the car he was grabbed at gun point by five men and forced into a RIB, that’s a sort of inflatable boat with an outboard motor, and taken down the river.”

I know what a RIB is but thought it best not to say anything.

“I see and what is the situation now then Mr O’Hara?”

“Well sir, according to JR’s HR file, we have been in instructed to contract you in the event of an emergency which is the purpose of this call and we are waiting to hear from the abductors. Usually they make a financial demand and we go from there”

“Who is dealing with it at your end?”

“What do you mean?” He asked with a slightly bemused tone.

“I presume that you have a hostage negotiation team on your books to deal with these occurrences”

“That’s me sir, I am authorised by the company to deal with the kidnappers. Usually they make an initial financial demand and we see what we can do. Look sir, these kidnapping are nothing personal or political they are just after a quick buck. But I have to ask you, does your nephew have kidnap insurance?”

“I don’t know Mr O’Hara, I would have thought, that you as his employer, would know that especially if you have access to his HR file?”

“Yes well err we have not really had time to look at all our records. What I need to know is could you as his family put up any money quickly if a demand is made” He stuttered.

“What sort of sum are we talking about?” I asked

“That depends, sometimes it is small other times it is quite a bit” Nothing like being specific I thought.

“Mr Norman how much money do you think you could come up with in a short period of time” He continued

“I don’t rightly know five thousand dollars maybe”

“Is that all?” He sort of gasped an air of indignation in his voice

“Look Mr O’Hara you aren’t being very helpful here. You know the local market place and going rate and I am asking you for guidance. I could probably raise more but to be honest I am not inclined to to go in too high.”

“Oh yeah, right I can see your point. Look, I am sorry if I have been vague, but we have to deal with each situation on its individual merit” He said in placating manner.

“Tell me Mr O’Hara, how long do these people keep hostages before making a demand and if the demands are met how long before the captive is released.”

“The demands are usually made after 36 to 48 hours and if the we pay it takes about 5 days to get everything sorted and the captive released. Sometimes, it takes longer if the case is more complicated” he said.

“How can it be more complicated” I asked

“Well sometimes the people are more important and worth more, sometimes they have insurance and we need to deal with the insurance companies and obviously in these cases there is more negotiation and so it takes more time”

“I see, Ok Mr O’Hara I will give it 12 hours and if he has not been released I will come to N and see what needs to be done”

“WHAT” O’Hara almost yelled down the phone “Why do you want to do that, there is no need, it is a very dangerous situation and your nephew could get hurt and the climate is really bad and…”

“Mr O’Hara, if you expect me to just stump up a load of money and send it to N on your say so you are sadly mistaken. If JR needs help then I will do everything to facilitate his safe release. I think it will be easier if I am there and can be guided by you, after all this is your ball game” I reassured him.

You could hear him relax and his breathing became more normal.

“Oh OK, right, I see, I just didn’t want you getting all stressed out in a foreign country that’s all” he said

“I appreciate that Mr O’Hara but I would prefer it if I was there, you know just to see how things pan out and I can have arrangements in place for a reasonable sum to be available which can be transferred without delay if I am there”

“Well Ok that’s you prerogative” he drawled in a much more relaxed mode.

“Mr O’Hara I hear what you are saying and I will not do anything immediately. I will give it 24 hours and maybe the situation will have started to have resolved itself by then” I said
“OK that would be better I think. So am I right in thinking you could access more than 5K”

“Yes I could”

“Thats great, that gives me more to play with. Ok look I will wait to hear from the kidnappers and you are going to wait 24 hours before arranging to come over but you could get money transferred here sooner if needs be” He confirmed in a far to casual and relaxed manner for my liking
“Yes, but bear in mind that I could make any financial arrangements until tomorrow morning and I would need to sort flights and stuff, so it may actually be a bit longer”

“Ok then Mr Norman I will talk to you soon then” He hung up
Sooner than you think fuck head.

7 Responses to “Kidnapped 3 – The Call”

  1. I can’t believe you kept a cool head with this fool.
    It sounds altogether too dodgy..
    Sort them out sharpish Norman!!!

  2. John Humphries says:

    Norm – Thanks for the email.

  3. Outremanche says:

    Can’t wait for the next instalment of this one. O’Hara sounds far too “kidnapper-friendly” for my liking. Hope you gave them a change of pants U.N.


  4. Uncle says:

    Minx & Outremanche – I could not believe this joker, which boat did he think I had come in on.?

    JH – No probs we will get you preped before you go.

  5. I think he gave the game away when he asked about kidnap insurance.

  6. Uncle says:

    GB – Me thinks you are right. I was not happy with the price he was quoting either.

  7. Sally Lomax says:

    Good job we weren’t asked for ransom money. Most days we’d be lucky to find £5, let alone £5000!

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