Coming Home

I am back home after a rather sudden and unexpected departure.

If it had been just another job I would not have gone, but this was more than just another Job.

A friend in need is not a friend indeed, but a bloody nuisance. BUT you cannot ignore friends in need ever, because one day you might be that friend in need.
It was a tough couple of weeks but worth it. Worth it because we got the job done and for the first time in five years I knew that home is where my heart is.

I got home last night having travelled back via France.

I opened the door and before I could say anything L was doing her Estonia bouncy bunny thing towards me, smiling and laughing. God she looked so wonderful. Then her arms were around my neck and she was sobbing big fat hot tears and kissing my face and stroking my hair. Actually, due to the lack of hair, she lovingly rubbed my shaven scalp.

I got the sneaking impression she was pleased to see me. I have to confess to being rather chuffed.
She kept kissing me and then looked into my eyes and became very serious and looked concerned. She reached up and touched the side on my head gently.
“Your ears are all frilly” she said.

Bollocks I forgot the bloody Nivea!

7 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. WELCOME HOME!!!!!

    So happy you’re home safe and well!!

    What a lovely welcome too xoxoxox

    Kisses xxx

  2. John Humphries says:

    You laugh in the face of factor 30.

  3. Sally says:

    My Mum used Nivea on us when we were little. We wer in the South of France. WE all burnt, needless to say…

  4. Uncle says:

    Minx – Thank you for that. It’s good to be back, but I am a bit tired so am taking it easy.

    JH Thats me alright.

    Sally – The smell of Nivea reminds me of being a kif on holiday. Avons skin so soft is the best thing on Earth against midges. Hope you weren’t troubled by the recent flooding.

  5. Good to be reading you again – welcome back!

  6. Theresa111 says:

    Hello. I clicked Minx’s Blogroll and found you. Please, what does the word chuffed mean? Anyway, I read about you and your post about stalking, which is a concern as you never know who is “out there” and my husband said not to post a real photo either. So, the information was very good to digest.

    Because I am an avid reader, before I begin the kidnapped series I should like to know if this is real or fiction. If it is real, then I might chicken-out and not go there. If not then I will be checking it out in the next few days.

    Your web log site seems very interesting and I shall extend an invite for you to visit mine. Good writing, by the way.

  7. Uncle says:

    Theresa – Thanks for your comment.

    Chuffed means pleased.
    I have had a look at your site and it is very interesting indeed. Your food posts made me feel hungry!

    To answer your question yes the stories are real. I change certain names and places and time scales for various reasons but the stories are true. Please don’t chicken out, look at it as a little roller coaster ride that you can put the brakes on if it gets to fast.

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