A Dollar Saved

It took me a while to recover sufficiently to return home after my less than happy experience at Hotel Bob in Z.  Eventually however I got home and saw Dr Death for a full check up. He warned me that the beating I had taken could cause some short term problems and to be a little careful in what I did.

As it was I had a no stress trip to the USA lined up. I was due to go to New York for business and to Connecticut to see friends.  Not a long trip but one I intended to be pleasant.

Anyway, I had been in New York about 3 days or so when I had some really bad chest pains.  I was sure it was acid heartburn but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch concerned.  The friend I was working with,  Charlie D, also had exactly the same chest pains.  Maybe we had eaten something or there was bug going around.  I have to be honest, and say that the idea of shelling out a load of wedge to be told by an American doctor that I had heartburn pissed me off  a bit.  I managed to convince Charlie D that he should see the doctor, which he did.

It transpired he had a reflux caused by a minor stomach bug.  I was relieved and happy at saving $50 or however much the consultation was.  two days later I rang Charlie only to be told by the person answering that Charlie had died suddenly the night before.

I had a major touch of the seconds, and went straight to the quack who booked me into a hospital for a battery of tests.  It cost me (or rather my insurance company when they eventually coughed up) a bloody small fortune.  It transpired I had heartburn, caused by a reflux of acid due to  a minor stomach bug.

I was livid.

I hot footed it over to Charlie’s place and saw his widow.

“He was fine apart from that minor pain the doctor said was a tummy bug” She said
“was it sudden” I asked

“Oh yes he didn’t suffer” she said “It was very quick, the truck hit him and he died instantly”


4 Responses to “A Dollar Saved”

  1. Sally says:

    You shouldn’t laugh at someone’s demise really……… but it is a funny story.

  2. Ahhh poor old Charlie…

    Great news for you though eh?! 😀

  3. John Humphries says:

    Poor old Charlie, he was a dopey sod.

    But Norm you are just a tight wad.

  4. Poor little Charlie…

    But a thoroughly entertaining post Norman!!!


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