Stalker 1 – Part 7 Conclusion

The day after Roberts arrest I had a few things to attend to.

Number one on my list was Boots the Chemist to get some Strepsils for my sore throat.

Number 2 was to see if I could get any info on Robert before doing

Number 3 which was seeing Mr Protective aka Kims dad.

I drove down to Roberts address and there was quite a bit of police activity. A uniform officer was at the front gate I told him whom I was and that I Robert had rung me last night and we had an appointment here this morning. He told me to wait there and went to speak to someone. A few minutes later he came back with a detective. I stuck my hand out and he shook it. I told him who I was and repeated the story .
“Did you know Mr H very well sir” asked the detective.

“No never met him, he rang me said he had a job he would like to discuss with me and we set a time” I said

“How did he seem” He asked

“OK, a bit agitated and breathless though come to think of it, I thought it was asthma or something like that”

“What did he want to talk to you about?”

“I have no idea that’s why I am here. I wonder if you would be good enough to tell me what this is all about?”

“Well its a bit delicate I will speak to the DI”

Off he went back into the house and about 30 seconds the DI came out. A trim smart man of about 45. He looked at me and almost brought himself to attention. A big smile broke across his face and he shot his hand out to meet mine.

“Hello Adrian how are you” I beamed back

“All the better for seeing you Boss, someone told me you had bought it awhile back in xxxx.”

“It was close I can tell you, but as you can see rumours of my of death have been greatly exaggerated” I quipped.

“Still the comedian then sir!, What can I do for you?”

“You can drop the sir bit right now or I will stick one on you”

“OK its a hard habit to break but I am not sure the fancy threads will stand that sort of abuse” he retorted still beaming like an idiot.

I should explain that Arian served under me in The Falklands and Northern Ireland. We saw a lot of things together. some good, lots bad, but we had a really good laugh together. He is a very intelligent, highly motivated, humorous, capable individual. Real top notch SAS material. I doubt whether the blokes he works with now know how lucky they are. He left The Paras when his wife had their second baby and joined the Police. It did not surprise me to see he had made Detective Inspector. As you may have gathered I like him a lot.

I told Adrian the story about coming to meet Robert blah blah blah. He in turn asked me my telephone number and I told him he took a little note book from his pocket opened it and put a tick next to my umber on a list. They would have got to me sooner or later. It transpired that they found lots of underwear and other exhibits in Roberts flat. The police investigation was in an early stage and Adrian was not going to give too much away. I didn’t ask any questions of him and he asked none of me.

Robert’s being in the street with a large knife was a good start for the police as it meant they had something to hold him on. The CPS apparently regarded the threat to the officers as being nothing because they didn’t really give a toss about policeman being injured. Robert had been seen by mental health doctors as there was grave concern about his mental state. He had been asked to make one telephone call to his girlfriend. She had hung up on him straight away.

I went to see Kims dad. What a tosser. He was ecstatic about the news of Roberts arrest which I suppose is understandable. I just don’t think it is right to gloat at someone’s misfortune. If Robert is ill he is ill. Jeez I have a awful sore throat bit its nothing personal. All in all its pretty sad business.
“Our Boys in Blue did a great Job” He exclaimed.

“Indeed they did” I said and I meant it. They had faced a dangerous mentally ill man armed with a knife. To be honest I feel bad that I put them in that situation but better men and woman who are trained and equipped than Kim or other punters on the street
Mr P was banging on and give his opinion on this that and the other.

“I reckon they should cut these perverts nuts off or summit or given them a good hiding”

“Yes well, you know Mr Protective, you should be careful for what you wish for, because for some reason I have really serious misgivings about your relationship with your daughter. I might be wrong but he- ho at this stage of the game it doesn’t matter because it aint my problem, but if I am right you could become nutless”
For some reason Mr P lost his gaiety, paid me my money with a substantial bonus and I was on my way.

Nutus intacticus

3 Responses to “Stalker 1 – Part 7 Conclusion”

  1. John Humphries says:

    Got to be honest here norm I agree with kims dad on the cutting the blokes nuts off. Do you really reckon he was shagging his daughter?

  2. Uncle says:

    Sally – Brave? I dont understand.

    JH – I can understand the sentiment but do not agree with that type of punishment. remove people from society by all means, but I am not sure civilized some of these proposed “Treatments or Punishments” are. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Mr P just got my goat that’s all.

    Was he shagging his daughter? I don’t think so but I do think he was unnaturally over protective. Sally made a comment on an earlier post and said that Kim should move away and break the strangle hold of her parents. I agree entirely. In fact I might suggest that Mr P reads Sally’s blog so he can get a more balance view on how to deal with children approaching maturity.

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