Stalker 1- Part 6 Resolution

Robert went off to make a cup of tea. I looked round the bizarre little bedroom at all the photos of Kim. I noticed that although there were a lot of posed shots which would support Roberts story about the photography club, there were more what you would call surveillance type shots, including several of her at her bedroom window in a state of undress. Sounds very BBC or official doesn’t it. I had a quick grope under the bed and my hand touched material. I knew what it was before I looked at it. A thong. I looked under the bed and there was loads of panties and underwear. I had a bad feeling about Robert (I am Fucking lightening at times I tell you).

He was just not going to stop was he?

He couldn’t and wouldn’t, no matter what I said or he promised.
He brought in two mugs of tea which he put on the computer desk next to his telephone.
“Now then Robert what are we going to do about this”

“What do mean?” He asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“What are we going to do about you and Kim?”

“Oh well, she understands everything. You see she has told me there is a chance for us”

“Has she?”

“Oh yes, I asked her if she would go out with me again for a drink or somhething and she said yes, the trouble is she has been busy so we have not been able to do it”

“Robert, when did she agree to this?”

“Oh a few weeks ago” He said nodding.

“How many weeks exactly?”

“I cant remember, maybe 6 at the most why, what’s it to you?” Said Robert smiling.

A classic error with stalking victims is to try to placate the individual by offering hope of some kind of interaction. Unfortunately, the Roberts of this world just cannot take a hint and just take these offers as proof that the victim is returning their attention.
I looked at my tea which was a perfect colour and looked at the cordless telephone.

He needed to be somewhere secure and he needed medical treatment. He was obviously not going to ask for help, because he just did not see there was a problem. Unless something happened immediately this sorry state of affairs was going to drag on and get worse.
“Robert, could I have some more milk and two sugars please”

He got up, picked up my mug and went to the kitchen. I picked up the telephone and dialled 999 but did not press the little green phone button to connect. I called out that I was going to the toilet and went from the bedroom to that cosy pink haven, taking the telephone with me. I needed to think my vague crap plan through. No time. I pressed the dial button.

“Emergency which service” said a bored female voice
“Police Please” I said in hushed tones
“Police what is the nature of the call” said a man
I didnt answer but hung up. I went back in the bedroom where Robert was sitting on the computer chair. There was no spoon in the mug.

“Did you stir that Robert”

“Oh no I didn’t I am sorry he said” and went to get up.

“No problem I’ll get a spoon where are they”

“In the top drawer to the left of the cooker”

I went into the kitchen and Pressed the dial button again and the telephone dialled 999.
It went through the which service bit and I whispered police and then I was through to the police. I didn’t speak but rummaged and clattered about in the drawer and found a spoon and a large kitchen knife which i picked up with a tea towel. I cut the phone call again.

Time was going to start running against me.

I went back into the bedroom. Fuck it no choice lets get this party started. I took a deep breath.
“She doesn’t love you Robert because she loves me” I said.

“What did you say” His head snapped up and he looked me in directly in the eyes. They blazed with hatred and real hot-tempered anger.
“She loves me, I have been fucking her for months, shite she is one hot horny babe, no wonder you fancy her. God she loves it”

I rang 999 again with the phone in my pocket. I hoped I had pressed the right bloody button because this was going to go tits up in a jiffy.
Robert stood up much quicker than I expected.

“She doesn’t love you” He rasped “You haven’t soiled her”

I took the phone from my pocket and held it by my side. Robert had not noticed he just looked at me with hatred. If he could he would kill me. Its a look people have. You just have to stay calm and hold steady not matter how shit scared you feel. I could just her someone asking what the problem was.

“Oh but I have twice a day every day for the last few months” I carried on
“No its not true. I would have seen you. I am her guardian angel I watch her all the time to keep her safe” He ranted “I have never seen you before”
Those flecks of white spit were forming on his lips again, his eyes were wide and his cheeks flushed.

A little voice in my head was saying watch it Norman, for fucks sake watch it. Actually it was quite a loud voice.
He was really ranting now and moved towards me. He didn’t know it but he was gauging distance between us so that he could attack me. I backed from the bedroom into the living room maintaining eye contact.

I really didn’t want to say anything else to him.

He really started shouting “What do mean what do you mean, speak to me you fucking bastard.” I hoped the police operator on the other end would think the abuse was directed at them.

“I am going to fucking kill you and her, she is mine do you hear, she wants me to fulfil her (I don’t know what that was all about but it stuck in my head) She wants me to take her to the pinnacle”

And then he lunged at me. He had lost the plot. I swept his outstretched arms away with the knife flashed through the air past his face as my fist arced. The flash of steel took his attention for a fleeting second by which time I had kicked his legs from under him and he crashed to the floor I kicked him in the solar plexus hard enough for the wind to leave him but not so hard as to totaly knock the shit out of him.

I wanted him to be able to get up in a few seconds. T counter a comment I made in a previous post, there are of course times when the unarmed combat malarky does work as seen on tv! I could hear the police operator saying something but I don’t know what it was. I wasn’t bothered
“You sad little wanker I bet you couldn’t get it up when you had her naked in front of you could you?” I whispered in his ear. I needed him to come at me again and to take the bait.
He breathed heavily and although in pain was starting to recover. I suspect his brain was burning woth hatred at images of his lovely idol being voilated by me. I suspect he would not regard it as a moving violation.

Then I heard them. Time for me to go.

I turned and walked out of the maisonette at a brisk but fairly normal pace.

I opened the front door then wiped and threw the kitchen knife and telephone onto the hall floor. I kept the tea towel and wiped my hands and out it in my pocket. I pulled the door shut and headed in the direction of my hire car.

The police sirens were getting closer. I crossed the road and went about half a dozen cars away from Roberts house. I ducked down between two parked cars.

A few seconds later Robert managed to open his front door and he was carrying the knife which he had obviously found in the hall. He ran into the street and started shouting “Come back you cunt I will kill you if you ever go near her, come back” and so on and so forth.

He seemed to be ranting and raving for bloody ages before the first police car pulled up and I actually though they would get there too late. But the first car got their in time and two officers got out, long batons drawn and told Robert to put the knife down.

Of course he couldn’t put the knife down he was too far gone. They repeated the request. Robert backed towards his front door. One of the officers had obviously called for assistance and his colleague was advancing on Robert. Robert was shouting and looked a right state and faced the officer.

There were people were in the street.

More sirens.


Another police car sped up and this time it was an armed response vehicle. Robert saw the Body armnour and guns. He knew that these boys meant business.

The Police knew that some fucker was pointing a knife at their colleague and if he farted the wrong tune they would shoot him.

Robert threw the knife down and turned and ran back into his maisonette. The police were in after him like shit off a stick. There was the sounds of a violent struggle. More police arrived and piled into the maisonette to assist their mates. After some time Robert was brought from his flat kicking and struggling.

He was shouting about the bastard who was trying to steal his girl and stuff along those lines. It must be said that the police officers were not giving his representations their full attention. He was placed face down in the van with several officer restraining him and the van drove off at speed.

I watched the saga end from my watching place, and was just about to head for home, when an unmarked car pulled up and two blokes who were clearly police officers got out and went into the flat. A few minutes later one came out and was giving instructions for the place to be secured and a young uniform officer was detailed to guard the scene and some forensic people would be down.

The neighbours and onlookers drifted away and I bent down to tie my shoe laces by Roberts car and retrieved my little tracking device from his car. I didn’t want the old bill asking questions about that. Besides which they are expensive.

I walked off towards my hire car and rang Kim’s father and arranged to meet him the next day.

I started heading for home.

I had a sore throat. I wonder if I could get L to kiss it better for me?

7 Responses to “Stalker 1- Part 6 Resolution”

  1. Good God, Norman.
    What the hell!!!

    That scared the shit out of me just reading it!!
    I can only imagine how horrible it must have been in the flat, not that you’re unfamiliar with all that.

    You need more than a kiss.


  2. Brigitte says:

    Did you have a plan? or was it a bit “off the cuff”.

  3. dl says:

    A bit like Minx, I found it scary just reading it! Surely the timing of the response to the 999 calls must be a bit hit and miss?

  4. Uncle says:

    Hello everyone. Yes it was a bit touch and go and very much off the cuff. To be up front my game plan had been to try to get him into the system some way. whether it was to see a doctor or provoke him to react in public so the police could deal with him.

    I needed to talk to him to get a profile so I could move my plan one way or the other, but when I was there talking to him in the flat I knew that he was too far gone and would go over the edge.

    GB – You are right he was excitable and the sudden revelation of that side of him was what made me realise that I had to try to bait him. I could not have left him in circulation he was too unstable and my responsibility is first and foremost to the client. Usually that is!

    DL – the response to the 999 calls was seriously hit and miss, and as I sat typing the tale it stuck me what a crap strategy it was and how flawed it was. As I said it was very much a case of acting on a very slim window of opportunity. Fortunately for me it came off and the police response time was very good. Full marks to them in getting there quickly and for the way they dealt with the target. Had the response not been so hot I would have been left with no option but to adopt a damage limitation strategy. These are often untidy and you need to clean up the mess afterwards.

  5. Sally says:

    Would they not trace the mobile calls to you?

  6. Uncle says:

    Sally – They 999 operators and police would see the telephone number ringing them which is why I used his phone.

    Yes they would have found my work mobile. For a variety of reasons it would have taken them an age to track me down from that.

    In any event they would have found me sooner or later but as I had nothing to hide I had no qualms in admitting I had spoken to him on the telephone.

    I try not to make a problem where there isn’t one.

    The fact that the investigation was being overseen by a DI and they were going through his calls suggested there there was more to this.

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