Stalker 1- part 5 Robert

Robert was very sullen and not what you would call chatty, which bearing in mind our little tussle was hardly a shock. Eventually though after a bout five minutes of title tattling at him in my most amiable way he started to relax. I think by now he had twigged that just maybe I was not there to sort out his radiators.

I found out he was an electrical engineer, had been married with a daughter, but his wife had left him about 5 years ago I think it was. I don’t know why but I got the impression she had left him for another woman. I can’t remember quite what he said that gave me that impression so I may well be wrong. Anyway, he took the divorce badly and the wife then moved to Canada. From what he said he didn’t miss the daughter that much but he lost his social set up and I think must have been quite depressed. There I go again Dr Norm shrink to the unfortunate. Joking apart I started to get an insight into what made him tick. Profiling as they call it these days. Robert had been very ambitious at work and that was obvious from the way he spoke about his work and himself. It would seem that he let things slip after the break up and he felt bitter about being passed over. He didn’t say he was bitter but every now and then he would make a cutting remark about a colleague who had clearly been promoted or given more responsibility.

I let him go on and on. I was there to listen. The more I listened the more I learnt. The more he talked the more he told me and he forgot that he was revealing himself to a bloke who he didn’t know, had conned his way into his flat and he had tried to strangle. I think it was the shame of being left rather than the break up of his family that got to him most. The more he talked the more it became about him and how he had been shunned by their friends. In short he was a chauvinistic, self-centred bombastic prick.

I got the subject round to Kim. He was so far up himself, that he never thought to ask how I knew her name or even why I was so interested in him and her. He had been a member of a photography class and then joined a studio for more adventurous/adult stuff. Reading between the lines they were given “Private Studio Time” with “Models”. The fees were about £150 per hour which is about the going rate for a call girl, or so I am told, and I suspect it was for more than just a quick manipulation of his focal length.

Anyway he met Kim in a pub one Friday evening and got talking to her and she was interested in becoming a model. He asked her if she would model for him as he was submitting for a competition and she said yes and in payment he would put together a portfolio.

To cut a long story short she did several sessions for him over a period of a few weeks. After the shoots they would go for a drink then this turned to going for a meal. Then he wanted to do dome work outside so one Saturday they had gone down to Sussex and ended at Brighton. It was nice day and somehow they ended up on the nude beach. She was reluctant at first to get her kit off but he said he would go naked to make her feel ore comfortable and in the end she agreed. I suppose he talked the pants off her. Robert was pleased with this achievement and was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he told me.

He told me they had become “close” and their session had involved “Intimate touching”. I suppose to be fair lots of men would be tempted to do some intimate touching with a very attractive woman half his age. They headed for home, and when they got back to London, Robert suggested going back to his place to continue the shoot. At this point he clamed up, so I don’t know whether they had sex or whether she chickened out at the last minute. To be honest for my purposes it didn’t matter.

Then suddenly she decided she didn’t like the idea of being a model. She didn’t want to be away from home that much, her mum and dad weren’t too happy. She didn’t have a boyfriend and she really liked working with Robert because he was such a good photographer and understood her. She was going to have a bit of time off. Robert didn’t have a problem with that and he and she were good friends who kept in touch.

“How often do you keep in touch”I asked

“Daily on the mobile, meet for lunch”

“Where do you work”

“In Croydon”

“And Kim?

“In Croydon”

“So why did you say she was in the Far East”

“I didn’t”

“Yes you did Robert and when I said I had seen Kim in Croydon you went ape shit”

“Well I umm didn’t know who, you could be a stalker or something”

“Could be you’re right….”

“you could be following her and seeing her at work and getting her into trouble.”

“Hadn’t thought of that Robert. What else might I be doing?”

“Some people are obsessed with her you know”

“Are they? What do they do?”

“Oh you’d be surprised”

“Go on Robert surprise me”

“Some people ring her all the time and text her every few minutes”. He was sitting on the bed with his hands between his knees as if in prayer. As he speak he nodded his head but his eyes never left the floor.

“Is that all Robert?”

“No they get her to leave her pants, her little pants which smell of her and they leave their love in them”

There was a bit of silence at this point whilst I tried to work out the best way to confirm we were talking about the same thing.

“Do you relieve yourself into her panties is that what your saying”

“oh its not relief its for her to see and smell my seed. She knows I am fertile and she is young we could have beautiful children. She would be a wonderful mother, its just that……”

“Its just what Robert?”

“She doesn’t know she loves me and wants to have my babies”

“If you don’t mind me saying this Robert that is a bit of an obstacle in the way of romance”

“I know it is but I know if I show her she will come round to my way of thinking”

I wasn’t so sure his plan was a winner.



“I know you are stalking her”

“NO, no I am not, I love her and she loves me”

I held my hand up and he stopped talking. We had got to a point where the only thing to do was to ask the billion dollar question.

“Robert. Don’t bullshit me any more. There is an easy way to do this or a hard way. The easy way is much nicer and a lot less pain full”

Robert nodded

“Now then Robert, shall we have a cup of tea and have a chat as to how we can sort all this out”

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  1. dl says:

    Hi Norm.

    This still absolutely fascinating. Can’t wait to see how it develops…


  2. Sally says:

    He needs serious help…

  3. Oh dear…

    I feel soiled even reading this.

    He desperately needs help.
    It is rather sad, at the very least.

    This is mindbogglingly rivetting. Great stuff!!


  4. John Humphries says:

    I hope you made the tea. I wouldn’t fancy this nutter making mine!

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