Stalker 1 – Part 3 Face to Face

Mr P really did not know what he wanted me to do but he knew that he did not want me to speak to Kim. I had asked to have access to her PC and her mobile but he regarded this as “A Right liberty and invasion of her privacy” in fact he didn’t want to speak to KIM about this at all. I have to say I was getting a little uneasy about how this father daughter thing was panning out . If she did not want to be helped how the hell could we help her.

There were loads of missing bits from the picture and this pussy footing about was not helping. The business side of me says “Well its his money if he wants to waste 2 or 3 days when these questions could probably be answered in 5 minutes, that’s his problem”. But the other side of me says “Well it is his daughter and he probably wants to paper over the whole thing and pretend his little girl hasn’t grown up”

He kept saying do what you think is best, but when I told him what I thought was best ie ask Kim what the hell is going on he blanked it. I even suggested an elaborate lie to get her to talk, but he wouldn’t have his daughter deceived.

In the end I decided to grasp the nettle and collar Robert. sort of that is.

The first thing was to drop off a little greeting card.

“We called but Could not get a reply.

We will call back

Or you can contact us on XXXXXXXXX

and we will arrange for an inspection of your appliances.”

I dropped this into Robert on the way home and was amazed when I got a phone call about 2 minutes later. Now I had his mobile telephone number as well, I might need this if I was to track him rather than just his car.

“Hello this is Mr H**** somebody dropped a card at my house, what’s this all about”

“Oh Hello thanks for ringing back. We have been asked to inspect domestic appliances as apart of a nation wide survey”

“Oh well I have a contract with the Gas people I would have thought that covered everything” Said Robert

“Oh it does I said this is a sort of quality assurance thing” said I

“OK when do you want to come round” Roberts asked.

“When is convenient with you”

“Well now would suite me best because I am work during the day”

“Well I don’t know, where are you again?”

He gave me the address.

“Look Mr H**** I am not far away but I dont have your details to hand could you just give them to me please”

He very obligingly went through the Q&A charade and told me he had two bedrooms a living room, kitchen. A gas fire, combi boiler, x number of radiators blah blah blah. I eventually said I would see him in about 30 minutes as I had to finish a job and ring ahead to my next appointment to say I would be late.

35 minutes later I am knocking on his door. wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses. I look a right plonker in them, but that with the sober tie slightly to one side gave the appearance of a tired geezer at the end of a long day

Robert opened the door and let me in. I showed him a plastic covered card with my photo on and the CORGI Logo and some bit on the back about bogus officials. He took it from and looked at it and said that was fine.

I went into the living room and he offered me a cup of tea which I declined quoting the weak bladder and heavy traffic problem. The place was neat and tidy, no actually that does not do him justice it was very clean but really old fashioned in the way it was furnished. All sort of 80s G-Plan. Good quality but out of date.

I ran through the thing about doing a quality assurance inspection on behalf of OFFGAS and that it would not take long. How did he find the service, had he needed to use the call out, were they any good etc. Then I just needed to do a quick tour of the place and I would be done.

I had already clocked Kims photos in the hall, and on the teak sideboard in the living room. Roberts bedroom took me back a bit. A teak head board and green one of those sort of knitted throw things your granny might have had. It could have been an old persons flat. The bathroom was a bit of a shock too. Pink ceramic tiles with random roses, A light pink suite, cast iron bath but the piece de resistance was a light pink toilet seat with a rose on. I “tested” the thermostatic valves on the rads. Peered inside at the boiler. I then asked if he had a radiator key. Yes he had one and scuttled off to find it. I beld the radiator in the bathroom and generally acted as if I knew what I was doing.

Everything done except the second bedroom. I said I need to do that and for an instant there was this flash of concern. Maybe concern is too strong a way of putting it.

“Oh OK but I need to tidy up a few things, its a bit of a mess”

“Oh dont worry about that I have five kids, hey if you want tos ee mess come over to my place, bloody books and toys all over the place. Anyway we see all sorts of stuff, I only need to look at the valve and thing on the rad”

“I would rather just have few moments to tidy stuff away, I have sensitive stuff for work”

I bet you have sunshine.

“OK then as you like but honestly there is no need” I said in my best gas man way.

“OK” He called.

I walked into a smaller bedroom which had what looked like an old fashioned bed settee There was a modern cheap looking computer desk with a PC set up on it in the corner. That is where normal finished.

The rest of the place was best described as a bloody shrine to Kim.








4 Responses to “Stalker 1 – Part 3 Face to Face”

  1. dl says:


    I guess you’re really now stuck, until you can find out from Kim what’s really going on. If she’s got more goign on with this guy than her parents are aware of, it could all get very messy for all concerned.

  2. Sally says:

    Oh….now my tea’s gone cold because I got engrossed in the story..

    I would guess that Kim’s parents believe that Kim is a virgin. They have kept her in her tower for 21 years, only allowing her out to go to work and other authorised places – or so they think.

    They believe that she is spotless, and probably hope that she will in the next couple of years or so walk down the aisle as a virgin, with a man of their dreams at least.

    She, terrified of upsetting her parents has got into an awkward relationship with this Robert. She doesn’t love him, but when it suited, she used him to escape from the over protective clutches of her parents. Clearly some of her nights away were with him.

    She has now chucked him, but he won’t let go. She is completely inexperienced and just can’t get rid of him. Meanwhile he is a complete weirdo who can’t accept that it is all over.

    The worry is that that weirdness will turn into something much more sinister.

    I think that Kim needs to move far away and get a different job!

  3. Sally says:

    p.s. BTW won’t trust an id card ever again!

  4. Uncle says:

    Sally and DL – Stuck is the right word. If I get it wrong he can end more weird than he is. I have not got to the bottom of the parents hold on this girl but it gives me the creeps. I don’t think there is anything untoward just very protective and naive. I think the girl needs to break free but can she? It is an expensive world and not easy for young people to get accommodation.

    Sally – I have to be honest and say I hate the ID card routine when I pull it on people. I try not to do it because it causes mistrust. But it does highlight how easy con artists make it. People should really look at the card presented to them and not just face value. If they have any doubt dont let someone in or ring the police.

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