Stalker 1 -Part 2 Progress

Our suspect was no longer in the multi – storey car park. If he was the man, I had to hope that he would at least be in the vicinity of Kims work place or even better still present himself again.

I went back to my trusty Nissan for a change of attire. The basic rule for surveillance is you dress up to dress down. If you start the day in jeans and sweat shirt it is harder to look smart should you need to, where as if you are wearing trousers, jacket, tie and plain shirt you can take bits off to look more casual. and to get my super snazzy baseball cap. I hate baseball caps but this little chap has a hidden camera and I wanted get a snap of Mr Stalker.

He wasn’t outside the shop but would you adam and eve it he was in the cookery section watching our girl. To be fair it was still the same Jamie Oliver video running, so he had probably seen it thousands of time. If he saw or noticed me, he made no sign of it. He just stood there behind some prestige pans looking across at the girl. I got almost right next to him and got what I hoped would be a few mugs shots of him.

By now I was pretty convinced this was the geezer but was a little non to impressed that nobody in the store had picked up on him. I Knew Kim finished at about 5pm but there was acoupe fo things I needed to check.

I rang her dad just to confirm that she did not have a current boyfriend and to get the details of the last couple they knew of. Our man did not fit the description. I was in deep conversation when chummy walked past me and headed for the car park. Obviously I followed. I have to be honest but i expected him to go to the fourth floor, but he didn’t, he went to the second floor and to Kims car which he opened and got into.

He just sat there for a few minutes before looking around and then he took something from his pocket and held it to his face. I moved in closer and with my trust hat cam running. I realised it was a thong or a least a skimpy pair of ladies briefs and he was sniffing them and not to put too fine a point on was wanking himself off. I am no ace detective but any doubts I had about this geezer being our man evaporated.

After a few minutes he got out of the car, locked it and went to the fourth floor. He got into his own car. I legged it down to my car and headed to the exit. I stopped at one of the barriers and played for time. The suspect left the parking area. I followed at a discreet distance.

To cut a long story short I followed him to West Wickham which is another suburb of London not too far away and in fact it sort of borders the area where Kim lives. The GPS tracker worked well and I was able to stay in contact until our man parked up and left his car. I parked and watched as he went into what appeared to be a maisonette. So now I had his car details and his address. With this info it is not rocket science to get a name.

I needed to know at this point what my client wanted me to do. Did they want me to gather evidence to put to the police? Did they want me to try to find out what this bloke was doing this? Did they want me to try to get his nibs to stop? I have to be honest and say that the thing that sat uneasy with me, was what was Kim doing buying stuff at Anne Summers if she didn’t have a current boyfriend. I know it is no offence for a single woman to buy erotic undies and other things especially in light of my own personal experience.

I moved in to the passenger seat of the little Micra and sat waited and watched. I managed to get hold of dad. Kim was at home and mentioned she had seen the bloke again near work. I asked him what she was doing that night and what did he want me to do. He thought Kim was staying in but would let me know if that changed and would think about what he wanted us to do.

After half an hour he said he would like me to try and find out a bit more about what was going on. Kim was staying in and was going to download some music onto her computer. I decided at this stage to call it a day.

The next day I started by following our suspect. By now I knew his name was Robert H**** and that he was 38 years old, which came as a shock because I would have said he was about 24 or 25. He left home at 8.15 and drove to Sutton. He parked in a public car park and walked to a low level office block nearby. For obvious reasons I cant say the name or what the company did. At 12.30 he came out and immediately got his mobile out and appeared to start sending text messages. He bought a sandwich from a shop then sat on a bench and just sent text after text after text.

Time for me to move closer. This is always a risky thing. Not from a personal security point of view but from burning your cover surveillance wise. I bought a can of Coke and a magazine and sat next to him on the bench and drank my can of coke. He was sending and receiving texts at a great rate of knots. I am a right spaz at texting. It takes me bloody ages. He paid not attention to me whatsoever. Then just as I thought he was going to just pack up and go he made a telephone call. I only got his sdie of the conversation
“Hi it’s Robert….Please don’t hang up I just want to talk”

“Please don’t do that you know I wont hurt you…”

“I wanted to see you but couldn’t….”

“Don’t say that you know I love you..”

“You don’t, ….I know that given time you will love me as well”

“Please Kim…we have a good are so beautiful”

“Please don’t go….”

“Why would you go to the Police I don’t want to hurt you I just want to be with you.”

“Did you get the present I left for you, you see how much love I have for you”

“I have kept all the things you have left for me”

He had turned his back on me and it was quite busy, so short of pressing my head next to his I lost some of the conversation at this point, but he was sort of whining away in similar tones to what had been said already. I had heard enough, no to be honest I had had enough and wanted to kick the little fuckers teeth in, but hat would have really blown my cover, so I finished my coke and walked off instead.

At 6.15 Robert returned to his car and drove off. I followed him and he headed straight back home. I then went to speak to Kims dad to tell him what I had found out and to get instructions as to what to do.

When I saw dad I spelt things out in general terms. I sort of skipped over the hand shandy bit because I didn’t want him getting more emotional that he already was.
On the face of it this would seem like a case on unrequited love and you didn’t need too much imagination to work out what Roberts token of his love was. What concerned me was that he had keys to her car and that she was apparently leaving underwear for him to aid him in his task of leaving said love token. I did voice my concern that Kim might have given the suspect a key to her car and was leaving little presents for him

We talked round the bloody houses as to why she would do things to encourage him.. I explained that victims often do this because they feel that if they placate the stalker a bit the stalker will back off. It is a common mistake but very understandable. However my major concern was that Kim had not reported this to the police.

“Oh she did she did” insisted dad

“How do you know”

“She told us, she tells us everything” he said emphaticaly.

“Mr P I don’t want to shatter your illusions about your daughter, but she doesn’t tell you everything” I said as sympathetically and as gently as possibly

“yes she does, you don’t know her like we do!”

“Who was the first boy she had sex with?”

“What do you mean?” He exploded “What a thing to say”

“OK is she a virgin”

“I dont like your tone” He almost shouted. I thought his eyes wre going to pop out of his head.

“I am very sorry to upset you M P but the point I am making is that we have things that aren’t secrets as such, but we just choose not to share with everyone. Your daughter is no different to any of us in that respect. I am sure you don’t discuss your sex life with all and sundry so why should she. Your daughter is a decent young woman but she is not a child and you don’t know everything about her”

He remaind somewhat red in the face and snorted a lot but started to calm down.

“What I want to know from you Mr P is what do you want me to do”

4 Responses to “Stalker 1 -Part 2 Progress”

  1. dl says:

    Absolutely fascinating! Most of us have no knowledge or understanding of your type of work. It makes a riveting read.

    Keen to learn how this moves forward…

  2. John Humphries says:

    I have to be honest norman, I am with you and think there is something well weird going on. If I was dad I would be getting you to talk to the girl at the very start.

  3. Sally says:

    I don’t envy you having that confrontation with Kim’s dad. It must make your job doubly difficult when you have to educate your clietns as well effectively.

  4. Uncle says:

    Sally – Clients have their own perspective. To be fair this is a blokes daughter and to me she is nothing. It is easy for me to be a smart arse and know the answers.

    I just wish I was so wise with my own life sometimes!

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