Stalker 1- Part 1 The Investigation Begins

When I left Mr & Mrs Protective I thought about what I had to go on.

Victim – Female called Kim.

Habits – Works in a place with full public access and frequents pubs, bars and clubs so surveillance not a problem.

Stalker – Nothing known. Not too helpful that

M.O – Not much to go on here. Text message and mobile, probably internet access.

The more I thought about it, the more it struck me as a bit odd, that Kim did not want her parents to help. Having said that I had to remind myself that these stalking cases have a big impact on the victim and people don’t think straight.

I was a little surprised that the police had not been more pro active. It is my experience that the old bill, especially The Met, get over these cases like a rash. They seem to have been extra vigilant after an incident in London where some poor girl was murdered by a stalker at the shop she worked at in central London. So I found their lack of interest a bit bizarre.

Normally by the time a victim contacts me they know who the stalker is and can give you so much detail of events and stuff that your head hurts.

Consequently there was not much to do but follow Kim and watch what happened. I would build up a dossier and then consider what action to take and discuss the options with Mr & Mrs P as they were paying me.

This is a one man job and so Monday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed I was at Kims house. I had the details of her ford KA which was parked outside her house. The first thing I did was to check underneath for any sign of tracking devices. There weren’t any which was good news so I stuck my little baby in place. This thing allows me tot tack the car using GPS. It has a a 3 day battery life which should be OK for the initial part of the investigation. Following a car is a lot easier on films than it is in real life. There is the chance of loosing the car or being spotted. What I didn’t want in this case was for Kim to see me and to think I was another stalker.

Having done my little bit of preparation I went back to my little hire car to listen to Radio 4. I cant stand radio 2 although I do listen to it from time to time and it was too early for radio 1. On the subject of cars I’ve got a Nissan Micra this week. Not bad actually, a bit girly maybe but a pretty reasonable car to drive in traffic.

Kim came out of her house at about 8.30am and drove straight to work. She parked on the second floor of a multi-storey car park in the shopping centre. she left her car and walked straight to work. Nothing too strange so far then.
The shop opened. Monday mornings are dead quiet so I didn’t want to go bowling into the shop first thing because I would have stood out like a set of bulldogs bollocks. I bimbled in about 10ish and found Kims department. Fortunatley she worked in the bedding section which was sort of next door to the cookware section.

Being a bit of chef du Gare on the side, I spent a resonable hour or so with one eye on Kim and the other on the Jamie Oliver demonstration video. I already have a load of Jamie Oliver pans and can highly recommend them, but was interested in the silicon baking cases.

I noticed that when ever Kim dealt with anyone she would greet them with a quick but automated and insincere smile. She looked very pretty and you could see customers and colleagues being disarmed by this automated charm, but there was something missing from how she acted.
At about 11.50 a bloke walked up to Kim and engaged her in conversation. There was something about him that suggested he was not looking for fitted sheets. There was a hurried conversation between the two. The body language was mixed. He seemed to be trying to negotiate or plead with her and on several times he extended his arms with his palms open facing upwards. She was brisk. Not aggressive but stoney. and I was 99% sure that this was our man.

I decided to follow him, I m ean I had fuck all else to go and there is a limit to have often you can watch Jamie bake some muffins in one morning. He left the shop and went out into the public area. He looked in a few shop windows but seemed to be a killing time.

Before I started taking his photo I wanted to see who this geezer was and whether he had anymore contact with our girl.

12.45 he walked back to the front of the shop, but didn’t go in.

13.00 Kim came out of the shop and he followed her. She went to the bakers and bought a roll. He kept his distance. From a professional point of view he was not great at surveillance but by the same token, not bad either, because I really dont think Kim saw him.

She finished her roll and then walked around before going into Anne Summers (For those of you not in the UK this is a chain of High street sex shops aimed at women and couples). He did not follow but pretended to look at the window display. After 5 minutes he moved away quickly which told me that Kim was coming out. He ducked into HMV next door. She walked away and eventually she walked back to work with shag nasty following her. She went into the shop and he ambled off.
At this point my strategy had changed. Instead of watching Kim I would watch him. It is a risk because I could be barking up the wrong tree. But I had no other information so I had to take it slowly. I wanted to find out more about this joker and about what he was to Kim.
He went and had a roll and I got a Cornish pasty. It filled a gap. it was OK but not great.

I hate eating in the street but sometimes don’t have much choice. You know it is interesting, that in the rest of Europe you very rarely see people walking along the street eating. In Britain it is so common place. Funny that we seem to be Europes bloaters, I wonder if these two things are linked?

At about 14.30 he got his mobile out and seemed to start send and receiving texts. After about 15 minutes he suddenly got up and walked very briskly and with real purpose towards the multi-storey car park. I followed. He went to the 4th floor and got into a Ford Ka the exact same colour as Kims. He stayed in the car about 10 to 15 minutes or so. This part of the job is risky. Not because of the suspect because of Britains obsession with CCTV and wankey security guards. Sooner or later some under educated mucle bound toss pot was going to come up and say to me “OI you, what you doin mate?” A short Fuck off often offends in these circumstances.

I had the registration number of his car, so I went moved away and went to a different stair well to the one our man had used to enter the car park. About 2 minutes later I heard the sound of a car door shutting and the sounds of someone walking away.

I broke cover and went towards the car. As I had feared, here was toss pot security guard coming towards me. I carry two mobiles, one in each pocket. One is personal and the other for work. As I got close to the suspects car I pressed the call button on my work phone which rang my personal phone. I pulled the phone from my pocket right by the suspects car and as I did so I dropped a load of small change on the floor.

“Oh bollocks” I said loudly as the change scattered across the hard floor. I held the phone to my ear and had a conversation with my other phone

“Hi Brian yeah, nahh not up to much, yeah, look Brian can I ring you back I’ve just dropped a load of money in the car park, Yeah I’ll be with you in two minutes, yeak ok see ya later mate.”

I then went to pick up my change and stuck a second GPS tracker under the suspects car.

The security guard came over.

“I hate it when that happens dont you?” he said and then very kindly bent down to pick up some change.

“Thanks but don’t worry its only coppers really” I said
“Look after the pennies and pounds look after themselves my mum used to say” He replies

“Yeah I suppose she was right, she knew a thing two did your mum” I said in my best cheery matey way.
“Yeah I suppose” He said “She was an accountant”

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  1. dl says:

    Interesting start to the job. I agree, although you can’t be completely certain, odds on he’s your man.

  2. Oh God.
    Can’t wait for next installment!!!

    I think he’s your man, too.

    (as for women stalkers, mine was an utter bitch, but boy did she have a big pair of bollocks. Ugghh…)

  3. Sally says:

    Good post – and good ending!

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