Stalker 1. Introduction

Last week I sat in a small suburban terraced house with Mr & Mrs Protective talking small talk.

They were nervous and the conversation faltered at which point I decided it was time to get down to business. Their daughter Kim who is almost 21, has apparently been stalked by some bloke for just over a year. The daughter has apparently reported the matter to the police but they have not done anything. That is the bare bones of the case as I knew it before this meeting.

My job was to draw as much info out of mum and dad as possible so that I can build up a profile. I was talking to them first because it was them who had contacted me and they were paying the bill. Also, rightly or wrongly I felt they were more likely to give me a better picture initial overall picture for me to work on in this case than the the victim . There is whole host of reason for that but I wont go into that here.

The long and the short of it is that Kim works in a department store and that is where it all started apparently.

She lives at home with mum and dad and has a group of friends she has known since the year dot.
She has a few boyfriends on and off like any young woman of her age.
She goes to pubs, goes on holiday with her mates and goes clubbing and to bars at the weekend and that is about it.
In other words she is like thousands of girls throughout the UK of the same age. I am not sure it is a lifestyle I would fancy, but then I aint a 20 year old pretty blonde girl am I?
A few months ago Kim seemed to change. She became surly, aggressive and moody. She started putting on weight and going out more and more. Often she would stay out all night at friends houses. This is what caused the rows. Kim had several big bust ups with her mum and a few with dad. After one big row she said she wasn’t a kid any more and that Mrs P had no right keeping her locked up like a pet and try to control her life. Now she has lost weight and seems withdrawn and edgey.
“We thought it was drugs” said Mr P “I read about it all the time in the Daily Mail, how kids like our Kim are preyed on by Eastern European Polish immigrant’s selling drugs so they can get our jobs”

“Yeah” nodded Mrs P ” Polish immigrants taking our kids jobs. Blacks and Muslims too”

I sipped my tea by way of response. No point in getting into a race row with the client at this early stage. I was under the impression she was being stalked and couldn’t quite see what immigrants had to do with the price of fish.

“Tell me about the stalking”

“Well…..” Said MrsP slightly hesitantly

” I noticed she kept getting a lot of texts all the time”

“Yeah and phone calls…on her mobile like” said dad.


“Well she kept being all secretive like and would not always answer the phone She stopped eating but was putting on weight” said mum.
“So what made you think she was being stalked?”

“She told us” said mum.
There you go, she told them! I hadn’t expected that, I was expecting them to have seen some shaddowy ner do well lurking in the bushes or following her on the bus. I said something about the bus and going to work, but she drives to work.

She has a Ford KA. Bought it herself.

“So tell me about this bloke then” I said

Mum and dad exchanged glances and there was a silence.

“Well the thing is we haven’t actually seen him”

“No thats right” Said Mum. “He goes in to he shop and watches her, and then follows her in the car. Sometime she doesn’t come home till late because she is trying to shake him off. When she gets in, she’s in a real state sometimes. Then the phone calls start.”

“Sometimes she stays at a friend house to hide” said dad “That’s why she wasn’t coming home”

The conversation went on like this for a while. They showed me several photos of kim. A Pretty blonde girl but sort of unremarkable. Hard to describe her really. I suppose she looked a bit bland. You could pass her in the street and not notice her but there again she was very pretty. I looked at the photo and wondered what it was that stuck me as being odd. Eventually it dawned on me it was the eyes. They were lifeless. I know its hard to tell with a photo but….I don’t know definitely the eyes.

The conversation ambled on. Mum and dad had been worried and eventually Kim agreed to report the matter to the police. They didn’t do anything. They had never rung up or tied to do anything. Kim had reported it to her manager at work and the security people and all that sort of stuff, but apparently they said there wasn’t much they could do and hence why the parents were paying me.
I asked to have a look at Kim’s bedroom and they reluctantly agreed. It was a typical young womans bedroom. There were some soft toys left over from child hood. Posters that and bits and bobs. Make up on the sort of dressing table, a few clothes scattered about. On the face of it nothing earth shattering. I would have liked to have a good search through it, but I got the distinct impression that Mr & Mrs P would not be too happy with that so I left it.We went down stairs again.

“Have you told Kim you had contacted me?” I asked

“No we thought it best if we didn’t” said dad “We didn’t want her to think we were interfering and that she was not capable of living her own life”
“So what do you want me to do” I asked

“Stop him” said mum

“Sort the bastard out” Said dad. “I want it to stop”
I explained that I would like to speak to Kim but they were dead against this and asked me not to. I explained that I probably could not resolve this thing over night and that stalking cases could be tricky things to sort out. Mr Protective got the wrong Idea and thought I was suggesting they couldn’t afford to pay me. I reassured him that was not the case but did not want him thinking it would be done and dusted in 24 hours. By the same token I also wanted to make it very clear that I would not run him up a big bill just because I might be able to. Does that all make sense?
That little misunderstanding sorted, I proposed that I would start by tracking Kim for the next few days. They gave me a rough timetable to work from and some other bits and bobs just to give me an idea of her routine and habits etc.

After about 3 hours it was time to leave.

As I got to the door the telephone rang and Mrs P said goodbye and went to answer it leaving me with dad.

“Your a dad” He said ” you will understand, I just want my little girl back”

“yeah I know you do, I would too”

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  1. dl says:

    How said that one person has reduced this family to such a state! It’s possibly worse than the yobs case, because here the perpetrator is hiding in the shadows, unidentified, rather than parading in the open. A bit like the difference between terrorists and uniformed military. I do hope you are able to sort it out for them. I can understand that the thought of paying to have these problems resolved may go against the grain for many people but, when it’s the only option you’re left with, it’s got to be the way to go. I’d do the same.

    Best of luck with this.

    (And you’re Estonian friend seems lovely, from what you’ve told us).

  2. Uncle says:

    I think the comments system is playing up!

  3. I know what it is like to be “stalked”.
    This wasn’t some dodgy bloke, lurking in the shadows, however.
    This was a very rich, very powerful, very jealous woman who used her position and influence to threaten me, scare me and trip me up.
    It was a horrific experience, with tragic results for me.
    No wonder the light has gone from this poor girl’s eyes…
    She is haunted.
    It is a slow death.
    I really hope you can sort this out.
    I’m glad her parents came to you. To stop the offender there needs to be someone as silent and deadly as he is…
    Good luck x

  4. Uncle says:

    DL & Minx – Stalking is very complex thing. You really need to handle it very carefully. The Minx experience is not unique and at the moment we have about 5 stalking cases running where the stalker is female and boy are they nasty.

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