“How old are you”

“49 and you”


“Do you like other tea” she says
“I’ll drink it but I like Early Grey and especially Russian Earl Grey”

“I dont like Russians” she replies thoughtfully

“Russian Early Grey is hardly the KGB”

she gives me more than just a bit of a look and writes something onto a piece of paper.

“What about marmalade?”

“Not too keen on it to be honest, in fact I am not really a big jam eater.  Every now and then I make my own, but I end up giving it away because I don’t eat enough of it”

“I thought all English men liked marmalde”

“Not this one”

She scrubs marmalade from what I have now twigged is a shopping list.

“What do you like”

“Well, almost anything really.  I am not too keen on broccoli but will eat it”

“You are not being very helpful” she says looking a little hurt.
“I’m sorry but I don’t quite know what you mean”

“I need to look after you and so I must go shopping and get things to cook for you,  but I don’t know what you like or anything about you really”

I can see her point, but by the same time I was not expecting her to do everything.

We sit there is silence looking out of the window.

“Would it help if we went shopping together?”

I expected her to say yes or no, I did not expect her to leap to her feet clap her hands and kiss me on the cheek, before doing that Estonian bouncy, Skippy thing as she bounced around the flat to get ready.  How the fuck can any one get so excited about going to Tesco.

I look at my favourite photo of my wife and she looks back at me, and you know, I swear she’s bloody smirking!

7 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. Oh I think it’s darling!

    And so refreshing!

    I love her xx

  2. dl says:

    Looks like I blinked and missed a few episodes.

    I was steered towards your site only quite recently by Sally. Has life always been a rollercoaster like this, or have I by chance come in at the beginning of the really juicy stuff? Either way, it’s a compelling read. (More so than a lot that you would find on, say, an airport bookstall – which I guess you probably know only too well, and is why you chose to jot it down in the first place).

    Keep us posted. On tenterhooks…

  3. Wendz says:

    I’d get excited too if someone took me on an all expenses paid shopping trip – even if it were just Tesco’s!

  4. Sally says:

    Hilarious. Love the dry humour – and the poignant end.

  5. Sally says:

    p.s. Have just read how you met Leinka – missed that before………………….bit different!!!

  6. Uncle says:

    Minx – Maybe I have a domestic minx in training!

    dl – My life is a bit of a roller coaster and complicated sometimes!

    Sally – Different is a very good way to describe out first meeting. I have to be honest and say that all in all it has been a rather odd week, even by my standards.

    Wendz – Nice of you to drop by to see old Uncle Norman. Hard to get excited about baked beans and a bit of bacon!

  7. That’s so adorable, she sounds cute!

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