Cleaning Ladies 2

After the somewhat unorthodox introduction to my Estonian cleaning lady (see yesterdays post) we ended up sleeping together. Let me get one thing straight here, I mean sleeping not shagging. The next morning was very weird, even by my standards. It would seem that my part time unofficial lodger was used to borrowing what M&S and Next now refer to as lounge wear. When I was a boy we called them PJs. She was obviously used to getting up showering in my en suite and wandering round naked, which is exactly what happened on Saturday morning until she suddenly remembered YT and then scampered back to the shower room to get a towel. Shame. She then decided she would make US breakfast. Nice mug of Earl Grey some toast etc which she served me in bed. Now I have never been a great lover of breakfast in bed because I end up getting crumbs in the bed. It annoys me and used to drive my wife fucking nuts. This lady was no different.

“Norman you are gedding de crumbs in de bed”

“I know I am trying not to”

“Id will be all scratchy layder”

Look, go with this and just try to imagine and Estonian accent please.

I am not used to domestic intimacy. I have not lived with a woman since my wife and children were killed. That’s not to say that I don’t shag, but I just don’t do domestic any more and this was way strange.

Eventually I got up and showered and prepared for the day ahead and to decide just what to do about Doris.

She cleared up and was clearly very apprehensive and nervous. To be fair I can see why. I always saw myself as a reasonable easy going geezer until my wife told me people found me intimidating unapproachable and often frightening. She said look at you 100kg shaven head mad eyes and decorated with a variety of interesting  scars. It was the first time anyone had ever said this to me and I was genuinely surprised but had to accept her version of how the world sees me. She was right.

“Well what are we going to do about this?” I asked in my friendliest tone with a big smile.

She started crying. Not just tears but big sad desperate sobs. I could tell this was not going well!

She stood there with her head hanging down and cried so that big fat tears plopped onto the floor and I stood there looking at her like a lemon. Eventually I moved and put my arm around her and she buried her head into my shoulder.

Fuck me, this is real Mills and boon stuff but I will plough on.

It is a long time since I had held a woman like that or felt someone cry properly and I don’t know but I felt something. At first I thought it was wind but then realised that it was a churning in my guts caused by emotion, sympathy, loss. I don’t know it was something like that.

I stroked her head and she stopped trying to water log the carpet and sniffed. Lots.

I reassured her I was not going to tell Angela. That was OK. What about her “boyfriend” and the weekends. Hmmm tricky – fuck I don’t want some 20 odd year old hanging round do I? Do I? The nest thing I am saying well maybe you could sort of be the house keeper or whatever. WHATEVER!! What are you on Norm!

“I will need to think it through and work out some rules and stuff”

“Oh thank you, thank you”

Watch the is space

3 Responses to “Cleaning Ladies 2”

  1. I love the soft delicious inner marshmallow that lingers inside the crusty outer shell.

    I think your little Estonian friend may tease out some of this sweetness…

    You could do with the ministrations of a Domestic Minx really, couldn’t you darling?

  2. Uncle says:

    Minx- Oooh err missus you are a one. Administer to me madam!

  3. Hahaha I’m sorry, I had to laugh; “at first I thought it was wind but then realised that it was a churning in my guts caused by emotion…” I adore the way you write!

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