Loons & Internet Access at Work

As my regular visitors will be aware, I made a comment on Petite Anglaises site which she did not like.  I wrote a post here, which put more accurately my feelings about this young lady and her rather “interesting readership”.  Well since then I have been inundated with visitors and emails, but what is interesting is the speculation on that site about who or what I am.

Apparently somebody has actually hijacked my persona and commented on some peoples sites, in one instance about their house.  What the fuck!  I ask you have you ever known a bloke comment on how nice a house looks.  Duhh
These people are loons of the first order, but what is sad is that they cannot see it.  They don’t have real live just virtual ones.

I got an email from someone, saying that apparently one female reader of PA was bored at work so had tried tracing me using whois etc.  I was aware of some of this but the question I would ask is “Was that a suitable use of a company resource in both time and money”  My reply would be “No”.  She is being paid to work not read blogs and try to find out who I am.  As for the cunt who said I like children ………………Be afraid.

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  1. Sally says:

    Yes – I think that writing as someone elses persona is NOT on!

  2. I am also aware of this and feel that some of these commenting types could better spend their time in the purposeful acquisition of something that resembles a life, or at least a sense of humour…

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