Dear Uncle Norman.

Do you think the building work near my house could damage the health of my unborn baby?
You can see in this photo that I am very stressed.

Please help


Worried about the effects of building work on unborn babies

Dear Lorraine

Thank you for contacting me.  I have consulted with the eminent Dr Death who is pretty sure that the work wont do your child any harm. However he did say that you should be careful whilst scratching your fanny and smoking as you might get it wrong and singe your minge.

Hope that clears things up for you.


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  1. Bigfoot says:

    Uncle Norman I cant see the photo very well. Can you make it bigger. Perhaps you could ask Dr D if he can make me bigger while you’re at it.

  2. Uncle says:

    See your point about the photo. I aint happy with this wordpress set up. I will speak to my web management people and see if they can suggest something better

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