Apparently I am a woman

Well despite being a weekend when everyone should be doing real things with real people ,the sad happy people of blog land (well one blog) continue to debate the whys and wherefores of good old UN.

Some people have done who is checks – clever but not that clever.  You see I used a company who organised and managed my hosting etc for me.  No reason other than it is very necessary bearing in mind how much I am away.  So the names and addresses that appear are not mine.  You could always contact them but I think I know what reply you will get.
Now on to more important things
One race horse boasted to his stall mates, “I won 8 of my last 15 races!”

Another horse responded, “Oh, yeah? I won 19 of my last 27 races!”

A third said, “That’s not bad, but I won 28 of my last 36 races!”

A greyhound piped up, “Not to boast, but I won 88 of my last 90 races!”

The horses were amazed. “Wow! A talking dog!”

I noticed a team of Hungarian scientists have identified photographs which has led them to believe there’s life on Mars.

They found thousands of dark stains on the surface of the planet.

Take it from me. What this means is that Mars is covered with expensive carpet and is populated by Chihuahuas.

Off to Luxembourg and Belgium for at least three days maybe four.  When I get back I must speak to the web company about this word press set up.  It is a bit of a pain in the bum.

Try not to miss me too much.

3 Responses to “Apparently I am a woman”

  1. Hello Uncle Norman!

    That ‘who is’ thing, it can tell people names and addresses of people on the internet??

    Thats so dangerous and an invasion of privacy…I’m shocked.

  2. Uncle says:

    Hello Princesse. Ah yes who is, well it is just a register of who owns .com domain names really. I am not sure if I would classify it as an invasion of privacy. As it is, I bought my domian through a web company who took care of the registration and hosting. Apparently they have had a lot of enquiries about who I am!

    I think it is because of the whois thing that is why so many bloggers who want to stay anonymous use Blogger and the like, rather than having real domain names.

  3. Uncle Norm! Do you realise that I am blonde and terrible at mathematics and therefore find it rather difficult to use your novel way of human verification? I’m lucky this time when I got ‘please add 6 and 1’ but next time it may cause some problems!

    I still don’t get this whois thing but I don’t think it gives out the information that I first thought it did, therefore I feel slightly safer again.

    Thanks for coming to leave a comment on my blog, it’s nice to see some new faces around there!

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