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Over at Petite Anglaise  the uproar continues.  I have been offered cold enemas – never tried a hot one so nothing new there.  Some lady offered to bugger me, very nice darling and I would be willing to oblige if I can return the favour.

But what a lot of fuss about nothing and still only Sally Lomax who actuallt stood up to be counted.  Which is a shameful indictment against the 450 people a day that have logged into this site.  I have emailed Sally and congratulated her on her stand. I will add Sally Lomax to my my blog list because she stood up and was counted.
To be honest I still cannot see what all the fuss is about.  I made a comment on her site, which was curt but not particularly offensive in my opinion.  Now to be fair,  I could see her and some of her little poodles being upset at what I wrote about her here, but this is my site and if they didn’t like my style don’t come and look.

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  1. billy&mrsF says:

    La Petite Anglaise is a bit up herself and I would agree her readership seems to be a sickly bunch. To be fair I have disagreed with her on a couple of things and left comments saying so but you really seem to have hit a nerve.

    Maybe its the stress of her book deadline or lack of shags! I would not have bothered personally but there you go.

  2. Jen&Bob says:

    I think your comment was OK but you were to strong in your choice of language on your post.

    I dont think you have won yourself many friends from Petite Anglaise.

    Her site does not seem to be up at the moment.

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