Petite Anglaise has dedicated a post to me, well to be fair it is to me and a bit about her daughter. I suppose I should  put a link to her and go and leave more comments on her site, except that she is moderating it and blocking comments in favour of your old uncle.
I was just thinking, the last time anyone dedicated anything was one of Gerry Adams boys hit me in the leg in South Amargh, and that was few years ago. Oh Ed Stewpot mentioned me on junior choice one Saturday, but fuck me that was a long time ago.

What I find funny about this PA business is that she was banging on about freedom of speech and the blog freely blah blah, BUT then when somebody actually says something she and her little band of readers don’t like, she gets all high and mighty and censors them.   I have asked her to tell me explain the difference between what she does and what any dictator does.

Freedom of speech means that sometimes people say things you don’t like.
The hate mail from my PAs fans has not helped the spastic email setup. What is funny though is that out of about almost 60 messages only one person has left a proper email address or url.  Well done sally Lomax and I am not taking the piss here for having the guts and balls to speak out.  But what does that tell us about the rest of the toss pots?
Look chaps give it a few days before you email me telling me what a cunt I am, I know me better than you do so I know just what a total bastard I can be, so save yourself a bit of typing and RSI. You don’t even scratch the surface of how low I can go. I could muff dive and amputee midget.

What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?

Last but not least, those of you who have wished slow painful deaths on my kids (nice lot those PA readers) you are a few years late.  But you will pleased to know, that their deaths were indeed slow and painful, so you should be able to get some kip with a smile on your face.

3 Responses to “Famous”

  1. Jane says:

    Uncle Norman. I agreed with you about the nature of La Peite Anglais site and readership. I actually posted a comment saying that the reaction was more than just a bit silly. It appeared and then vanished. I submitted it again but it just do not show.

  2. Bigfoot says:

    I though your comment on her site was fair but your post here was a bit strong. Having said that, they are all the same these people. Dish it out but cannot take it when somebody tells them the truth. Censorship.

    I see she said good luck Nicholas (Sarkosy) on policing the internet, well with twunts like her who needs him she is no better.

  3. Uncle says:

    Hello Jane. The strange case of the disappearing comment. A few people have emailed me saying the same thing. Do we really give a fuck?

    Bigfoot. Hello and thanks for your observation. A few people have emailed me and my comment on her site was nothing to get worked up about. However to be fair I have had about 10 emails over the last few days saying they felt my post here was a bit strong.

    Its done now.

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