Sorry for the mega down time, but I have been away to sunny places. As it turned out business took longer than anticipated and a bloke has to make a living. In my absence the old site went u.s and the lazy bitch of a cleaning lady has not been doing her job. Is she going to be in for a shock when she sees I am back. When she can be arsed to come in that is. Lazy cow has been getting paid but there are more cobwebs in this place than in an Ethiopians colon.
As I said the old site has gone so here is the new one. Not sure about the layout, or even whether I want a blog, but it will do for the time being. Bear with me because It will take a bit of time for me to get back into my stride.
So what have I been doing since I got back. Well, I have been meandering round the sycophantic world of blogging, just to see what has been going on in my absence. Fuck me there is some shite. Mommy blogs abound and there are others who drivel on about their poxy kids. Look folks everyone loves a kid story now and then but PLEASEEEEEEEEEE not all the fucking time. For Gods sake if you want to about about your sprogs speak to family. T

The worst one I have found so far is La Petite Anglaise. She makes my blood boil. This is a doris who lives in Paris. She was shacked up with some geezer and had a kid and then went over the side with some bod she met on the internet. How normal is that. A few months later it all goes tits up and she is left on her own. She was lucky that the kids dad seems pretty reasonable. Anyway, not content for fucking up her personal life she carries on fucking things up. Apparently she worked for a UK company and got the tin tac for blogging at work. Thats what she says. But she actually wrote about on her blog about throwing a sicky and going off for a shag. Duhh how thick is that? Anyway being a bit of a lefty and obviously the feeling world owes here a living and she had been so hard done by she went to a froggy industrial tribunal and won. Won, for admitting on the web that you deceived your employers to go and get your minge filled. The worlds gone fucking mad I tell you. Not only has she won the case but she has got a book deal as well. Fuck knows what she is going to write about. I see she has a least made an attempt to enter grown up world by posting a cartoon of Sarkosky and the word “shit”. I don’t have a problem with her political beliefs, even if they might be wrong. I think what is amazing is that within 12 hours there have been 70 odd comments the majority by people who have no idea what she is on about. Most of them thought there was something wrong with her.

I have found some good blogs though. I am livid. com written by Mr Angry, a man after my own heart but maybe a bit soft on some of his opinions. very witty indeed. She is based in the Ukraine and I half wonder if our paths may have crossed there. Then there is the sad case of Mr X and Twenty major.

To be honest I aint overly impressed with much of what I have seen.

As I said I have not been back for long so I have few things to get sorted and then I will be back on on full form.

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  1. Sally says:

    For someone so high and mighty about the writing ability of your fellow bloggers, it might be worth knowing that there are other words in the English language than the four letter one that you seem rather fond of.

  2. Uncle says:

    Sally thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you actually had the balls to speak up. The balls bit was went in all sincerity. Well done.

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